Double Trouble [calibre 3.42.0]

Double Trouble [calibre 3.42.0]
Домашние животные
Серия: Feline Frolics #6
Язык: английский
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The behavior of a Siamese cat is never predictable, as all owners well know. The calm of the Tovey household is once again torn to shreds when Doreen's cat Seeley instantly loathes the new arrival, Shebalu, and she—all five inches of her—loathes him back. And then, even worse, they become firm friends, and team up to create havoc. The characters of Cats in the Belfry return with a vengeance: Father Adams, Miss Wellington, and Annabel the donkey. But Seeley and Shebalu steal the show with their loveable mischief, and their antics will bring tears of laughter.

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