Galenorn Yasmine

Galenorn Yasmine
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Yasmine Galenorn is a pagan author, mystery and paranormal romance/dark fantasy novelist. She is best known for her "Sisters of the Moon" series. She writes several series for Berkley, and has also written eight books on modern paganism, the most popular of which is "Embracing the Moon." She's been active in the Craft since 1980, though she is not Wiccan. Yasmine Galenorn also writes under the pen name "India Ink".

Chintz 'n China
1. Ghost of a Chance (2003)
2. Legend of the Jade Dragon (2004)
3. Murder Under a Mystic Moon (2004)
4. A Harvest of Bones (2005)
5. One Hex of a Wedding (2006)

Otherworld / Sisters of the Moon
1. Witchling (2006)
2. Changeling (2007)
3. Darkling (2007)
4. Dragon Wytch (2008)
5. Night Huntress (2009)
6. Demon Mistress (2009)
7. Bone Magic (2010)
7. The Shadow of Mist (2009) (in Never After)
8. Harvest Hunting (2010)
9. Blood Wyne (2011)
9. Etched in Silver (2010) (in Inked)

Indigo Court
1. Night Myst (2010)
2. Night Veil (2011)

Never After (2009) (with Laurell K Hamilton, Marjorie M Liu and Sharon Shinn)
Inked (2010) (with Karen Chance, Marjorie M Liu and Eileen Wilks)
Hexed (2011) (with Ilona Andrews, Allyson James and Jeanne C Stein)

Non fiction
Trancing the Witch's Wheel: Guide to Magickal Meditation (1997)
Embracing the Moon: Witch's Guide to Rituals, Spellwork And Shadow Work (1998)
Dancing With The Sun (1999)
Crafting the Body Divine (2001)
Sexual Ecstasy and the Divine (2003)
Magical Meditations: Guided Imagery for the Pagan Path (2003)
Totem Magic: Dance of the Shapeshifter (2004)

Short stories
The Shadow of Mist (2009)
Etched in Silver (2010)

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