Victor Metta Victoria Fuller

Victor Metta Victoria Fuller
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Об авторе

Metta Victoria Fuller Victor (nom de plume Seeley Regester) (March 2, 1831 – June 26, 1885) is credited with authoring of one of the first detective novels in the United States. She wrote over 100 dime novels, pioneering the field.

Her husband was publishing pioneer Orville James Victor; her sister was novelist, feminist, and historian of the Pacific Northwest Frances Fuller Victor.

She died of cancer on June 26, 1885, in Ho-ho-kus, New Jersey, and was buried in Ridgewood's Valleau Cemetery.

Her noteworthy works are Alice Wilde (1860), the first dime novel; Maum Guinea, and Her Plantation "Children" (1861), expressing abolitionist sentiments; The Dead Letter (1866), the first full-length American work of crime fiction;[1] The Figure Eight (1869); and A Bad Boy's Diary (1880).

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