Applied problems of motion of mechanical systems under action of power loads

Applied problems of motion of mechanical systems under action of power loads
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Год: 2019
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The monograph is devoted to the development of mechanical systems with dynamic effects on processing media. A new approach and methodology is proposed, taking into account the influence of energy fields of physical and me-chanical effects, the transformation and inversion of types of energy exposure. The model of dispersed media under consideration in the range of the process of destruction, grinding and compaction is considered. The revealed changes in the parameters of subsystems: working media, mechanical systems, the process-es of their interaction are studied based on the consideration of their stress-strain state. The analysis of combinations and their influence on the intensity of phy-sical and mechanical processes is carried out. The intensification of physical and mechanical processes, methods and means of their creation are achieved by the formulated idea: systematization and complexity of approaches through a joint consideration of the mutual influence of the internal properties of the subsys-tems made it possible to identify the general laws of their changes and take them into account in the work process. The movement of the working media during high-speed and impact destruction with differentiation of the working area is de-scribed. Structuring of the shock process, the formation of entropy destruction, the use of self-organization and the evolution of geometric shapes are evaluated. The process of grinding materials by a vibratory jaw crusher is investigated and methods for determining the effective parameters and their operation modes are proposed. The process of compaction of the processing medium in the field of vibrations in the device with spatial vibrations is described. The laws of change in the device movement, taking into account interaction with the processing medium are established. As a research result, new properties of the behavior of discrete-continuous systems under power load are disclosed. For the first time, stresses and strains are taken into account as working bodies and media for creating energy-saving vibration systems for compaction of building materials. The conducted scientific study makes it possible to obtain the laws of change in the state of dispersed media under the action of power loads by mechanical sys-tems. Minimization of energy costs and increase the efficiency of work processes is proposed when implementing various technological processes.

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