Building REST APIs with Flask

Building REST APIs with Flask
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Автор: Relan Kunal
Год: 2019
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Flask is a lightweight microframework for web applications built on top of Python, which provides an efficient framework for building web-based applications using the flexibility of Python and strong community support with the capability of scaling to serve millions of users.
Flask has excellent community support, documentation, and supporting libraries; it was developed to provide a barebone framework for developers, giving them the freedom to build their applications using their preferred set of libraries and tools.
This book takes you through different stages of a REST API–based application development process using flask which explains the basics of the Flask framework assuming the readers understand Python. We’ll cover database integration, understanding REST services, REST APIs performing CRUD operations, user authentication, third-party library integrations, testing, deployment, and application monitoring.
At the end of this book, you’ll have a fair understanding of Flask framework, REST, testing, deploying, and managing Flask applications, which will open doors to understanding REST API development.

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