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Dayan moved closer to a beckoning peak, his mouth skimming creamy flesh so that her thoughts immediately scattered in all directions. Her hands bunched fistfuls of his charcoal hair into her palms, and she pulled his head down to her eager body. “Stop teasing me. We don’t have all night.”

His tongue stroked a caress. “I like taking my time. Every inch of you deserves attention.”

“Absolutely,” she agreed, “and we’re in a bit of a hurry here, so if you’re planning on giving me the attention I need, get on with it and stop making me crazy!” He was driving her crazy and he knew it. Her body in such close proximity to his was hot and aching with need.

His soft taunting laughter was in her mind when he finally gave in to her demands and took her breast into the hot, moist cavern of his mouth. Her body answered with a rush of damp heat calling to him. Dayan took his time, a long, lazy, very leisurely exploration of her body, caressing every hollow and curve, every secret shadowed place. His hands and tongue brought a thick molten heat to her bloodstream and a building urgency Corinne couldn’t ignore. She was on fire, inside and out. Deep within her raged a conflagration, a firestorm burning so hot she thought she might explode. His touch was turning her inside out so that she could barely catch her breath.

Wickedly she found his body with her hands. Feeling her way through his mind, she discovered every secret thing that drove him crazy. Her mouth found his throat, nibbled and scraped at his pulse. She heard the echo of his heart slamming. Her hands caressed his firm buttocks, delved into the muscles, traced the etched lines there while she spread tiny kisses across the heavy muscles of his chest. He was thick and hard now, his skin hot as she moved along the line of his flat belly. His breath was ragged and his mind was a red haze of hunger.

Her tongue swirled a path along his hipbone, while her hands found the columns of his thighs. His muscles were hard and rigid with anticipation. Corinne let her breath wash over the velvet head of his heavy erection, while she cupped him in her hands, while her fingers danced and teased. She kept it up until he groaned and caught her head in his hands, dragged her to him. Her mouth was tight and hot, her tongue a dancing fire. His hips moved urgently, a hard rhythm he seemed helpless to stop.

Dayan muttered something, a thick, husky sound of sheer pleasure, and he suddenly used his enormous strength to take back the lead. He pushed her down on the tangled sheets, his hands catching her curvy hips while he knelt above her. He simply yanked her to him, his shaft thick and hard, demanding entrance. She was slick with welcoming liquid, her tight sheath enfolding him in a fiery welcome. He surged into her, hard and fast, his body a little wild, a little out of control. He watched them coming together, a tango meant only for the two of them, while in his head the musical notes swelled into a crescendo of heat and light and pure erotic pleasure.

Corinne watched his face as she moved with him. Loving him. Loving what he did to her. What she did to him. All the time the fire built and now she could hear his music, the wild, unrestrained notes dancing with flames inside him. His soul. Or hers.

Ours !

The word slipped into her mind and they fragmented together, crashing into the stormy seas and shooting upward to the glittering stars. They clung to one another while the earth rocked and the wildness in them subsided.

Dayan’s dark gaze never left her face. He bent to kiss her, to taste her again, wanting more but knowing they were out of time. “Our soul, Corinne. The music comes from both of us. Without you, I would never find it in me.” He kissed her again. “Why are you just lying there? Aren’t you the matron of honor in this wedding? I know I’m the best man. We were supposed to be there five minutes ago. Lisa will be panicking.”

“I forgot! Darn you, Dayan, you always do that. Wipe that satisfied smirk off your face.” She loved that look on his face. She sat up and caught his face in her hands because she had to kiss him, she was so happy.

“I was just showing you this is reality, not a dream. You should be grateful,” he teased.

A loud thump on the door of the trailer had them breaking guiltily apart. Corinne burst out laughing, she couldn’t help it. She found herself fully dressed while Dayan was sitting completely naked on the edge of the bed.

“Get over it, you two,” Darius ordered from outside their motor home. “Everyone is waiting. You are holding up the show here.”

“Thanks for the clothes,” Corinne whispered to Dayan with a straight face. “That was very thoughtful of you.”

He glared at her. “Darius has excellent hearing,” he pointed out.

She shrugged, still secretly laughing at him. “Then let’s hope he’s very discreet.” She glanced at her clingy gown in the mirror. She looked sexy, feminine, elegant. Different. She was different. She was whole. Corinne smiled at her reflection as Dayan, fully clothed and looking extraordinarily handsome in a suit, came up behind her to encircle her waist with his arms. He bent his head to kiss her temple, and she could see his love for her shining in his eyes.

“I’ll get Jennifer,” she said softly, basking in his warmth. Her world was more perfect than she had ever imagined. “We can talk about those leopards the lot of you keep for pets on the way to the chapel. Lisa thinks you’re all crazy too, although the little traitor petted one this morning with Syndil.”

Dayan watched her pick up Jennifer. He stared at them for a long moment — his beautiful wife so filled with laughter and warmth — his tiny daughter, such a miracle to all of his people. The melody of his life had been dark for so long, such an endless eternity, yet it was gone in an instant, to be replaced for all time by the melody of love.