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A man stepped between her legs and began shaving hair from her pussy with a big clippers. She must have liked the vibration as her face formed a little smile.

The narrator said, "The pussy must be shaved to demonstrate the next device."

A man held a paddle shaped like the crotch piece of my thong pantie then turned it around to show hundreds of pins sticking out of it. The narrator said, "The pins are too short to cause damage but it is painful as you will see."

The man positioned himself on her far side so as not to block our view then another men with two paddles stepped behind her head.

The man at her side began fingering her pussy until she moaned and smiled then he nodded his head and all three paddles came down on her breasts and pussy leaving drops of blood. They kept it up while she screamed until hoarse and blood was running off her breasts in little rivulets until she passed out.

They cut out the period while they released the girl and there was a fade-in to the third girl with a horrified look on her face moaning piteously and moaning "No Por Favor No."

I could not believe girls could volunteer for this. I looked at Dick who was staring fascinated at the screen and said, "How could they get girls for this? Did they kidnap them."

"No. That would not be necessary these girls are probably so poor they will do anything for a hundred dollars. They might be whores given to them by pimps."

That seemed terrible. The girl they were releasing was so young she only had wisps of hair on her crotch and her breasts were still so firm there was no crease under them. The poor thing looked scared to death. They put leather cuffs around her wrists then hooked them to a metal cable coming down from the ceiling. Then they had her stand on a block of concrete and hooked her ankle cuffs to a ring in the concrete. They stepped back and a man pushed a button on a switch box he was holding to make the cable slowly tighten to make her waist slim and her tummy concave. They kept it going up until the block left the floor. The block must have weighed at least a hundred pounds and her body was at maximum stretch to support it. Then they used several different paddles and whips on her body which would cause her to twist on impact to present a new place to hit. She must have been stretched too much to take a deep breath because her only sounds were moans and small squeals as she was given over sixty lashes with paddles as bad as Dick had used on me to whips over six feet long that would curl around her body to leave a spot of blood where the tip landed which they seemed to try their best to be on a nipple or pussy lip.

There was a fade-out then in to see them lead the fourth girl, also pretty with a hairless pussy over to what seemed to be a simple device. It was just a saw-horse that came up to her knees with a straw broom coming up from the top of the saw horse. A close-up showed that the broom had been trimmed to make a sharp wedge at the top. The base of the horse was wide to keep her legs open but untied. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back then three alligator clips on each pussy lip was tied to her thumbs to hold the lips open to expose the inner lips. Finally two boards reaching up to her navel were stuck in slots to keep her from moving forward or back. A man spoke to her in spanish.and the narrator translated, "He is telling her that she is to stay on her toes for four minutes. If she goes flat-footed in less than that she will get a lash for each second under the goal. Ballet dancers and women who wear high-heels may be able to do it for twice that time but these girls have only worn flat hauraches. They usually can't make it past three minutes."

A clock with a second hand was put in front of her for her and us to see. When the second hand hit twelve one of the men jerked her up on her toes by her breasts while the other slid the broom up just below her pussy and locked it in place. I was dying of curiosity and stood up to stand on my toes. I would never of guessed that a minute could be so long. She made it just over three minutes. It was easy to see the coming failure as first her legs began to tremble then it seemed she had trouble keeping her balance. Her heels began to drop but as the first sharp straws entered her pussy she would get up again only to sink in a few seconds until finally she was standing flat footed and sobbing.

They pulled out the boards in front and back of her and I expected her to be lifted out but then a man spanked her ass with a big wood paddle and she jerked forward dragging those sharp straws through her pussy. She struggled to get back up on her toes just as the other man hit across her clit with a big leather strap. She never had a chance to get back on her toes as lash followed spank forty times for the forty seconds she was short of the goal.

When they lifted her off she was crying hysterically while blood ran down both her legs from the straws and the lacerations made when she ripped off the alligator clips while trying to escape. fade-out then in to see them dragging the first girl over to a barrel about five feet long with big nails sticking out of it about an inch long. It was mounted on a pipe with gears at the end. While she was stretched out on it and tied to the pipe with her hands past the barrel in front and her feet past the end the narrator came on to say that this was the perfect device for torture with no residual marks. the pain did not come from the nails which were blunt but from electricity that was applied to them when the motor was turned on. They screwed in two pipes at her waist to keep her from falling off to the side then turned it on. She screamed and strained to try to lift herself off the nails but being stretched that way there was no way she could do it and just had to take the shocks until the barrel turned far enough for gravity to pull her body away. It was really diabolical because the barrel turned very slowly to allow recovery but also to allow the girl to anticipate the moment when the gravity that helped her pulled her back on the spikes. We watched her make a few revolutions watching the fear hit her face and constant "No,s" until the scream that came when her body fell back on the spikes.

The narrator said "It is spectacular in the dark." as the lights went out and we saw blue lightning jump to her breasts which were closest to the nails then travel on down her body until she was in full contact. I felt sick. I was very afraid of electricity since when I was a little girl I had stuck a hairpin into an electrical outlet that gave me a nasty shock and burned my fingers.

When she was finally taken off I didn't understand why there was just little red bumps on her body from the nails. I thought she would be burned.

I told Dick my experience with electricity and asked why she was not burned.

He explained that they used high voltage but very low amperage. The amperage was what burned and killed. House current at only 120 volts will kill you if you are well grounded in a tub or touching a water pipe but you can touch a spark plug in a car at 20,000 volts and just get a terrible shock.

By then he had removed his clothes to fondle his hard-on while he watched the torture of those poor girls. He turned to me and said "Let's get your 'Test' spanking over with so we can fuck I have decided that that paddle with the holes is too severe. I'll just use a bamboo cane."

I was worried now that I knew even severe torture turned him on but I reminded myself that I deserved punishment for betraying him and he was being nice not to use that terrible paddle.

I have to admit he allowed me to make it as easy as I wanted. He handed me the clamps and told me to tighten them myself but to make sure they would not fall off. I tightened them little by little until tears came to my eyes and I felt it was enough to let me forgive myself. Then he tied them to the table saying I needn't pull on them unless I wanted to. As a final gesture he told me he would hit me easy unless I said, "Harder."