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When he said, "They can be glued in. That is two objections to my choices. One more and you will be punished."

I just giggled and said, "Oh wow. Big threat."

He called me over to him and said, "I know your spanking excited you but I can make it really hurt. You had better be good."

I blushed embarrassed he knew since it seemed so perverted. I had thought my screams and moans as I went into orgasms would be interpreted as reaction to the pain and made no more protests although I was afraid people who saw me in them would think I was a hooker.

When I told him that, he said, "Looking like a hooker is an attitude. You don't think movie and rock stars that wear things like this are hookers. You must be proud. Really sophisticated women wear see through blouses that are sexier than naked to the opera. No-one thinks they are hookers."

I realized he was right. I had seen women in white see through blouses in restaurants that were really cool and I remembered that I was jealous of all the attention they received.

We then bought lingerie. I was embarrassed again as women came in to put on and take off different styles while I stood there naked but a little excited too as other customers, some men, got glimpses of me when the door opened to bring in something else. As I expected he rejected everything that hid more than my nipples or pussy.

I had never followed sports so when we got to Vegas I was amazed to find I was with a real celebrity. The casinos could not do enough for him and he must have signed a hundred autographs. We just had a simple wedding at one of the chapels where the preacher spent most of the time staring at my breasts since the cleavage was so wide only my nipples were covered.

After the ceremony we went to a reception sponsored by the casino then on to a show with our complimentary tickets.

It was a spectacular show with great music and costumes but some of the girls were only wearing tiny "G-strings" like my panties. When I asked Dick how they could be so naked in front of all those people he said, "Nudity is only bad if you have an ugly body. You look good and I will have you nude as much as possible until you get used to it. Your silly inhibitions will have to go."

I was afraid to ask if he would want me to be nude in front of people other than him.

After that show we went to a late show at a strip club. I couldn't understand how they could do what they did without being arrested. They stripped completely and when they took off their panties they had no hair on their pussies. When they spread their legs you could see inside and if that was not enough they would put their fingers in to spread it open even more.

I whispered, Dick! They have no hair. You can see everything!"

"Yes. That reminds me. I know you loved having me lick your pussy but I don't like hair in my mouth. Tonight we will shave off your hair."

"Oh! That will make me feel terribly naked."

"Yes. And pay attention to the dancers. I think I would enjoy having you dance for me."

"But I don't know how to dance."

"Just watch. It doesn't take any training."

He was right. They mostly just moved their butts in time with the music or crawled on the floor dragging their nipples and flopped on their back to push up their pussies in time to the music while they squeezed their boobs or played with their pussies. I would look stupid if I said I couldn't do it."

When we got to our room he had me strip then lay back on the bed with pillows under my butt to raise my pussy while he shaved it. I especially felt naked since he was totally dressed. All the fondling of my pussy while he made sure he got every hair made me real excited and I was disappointed when he told me to get up and look at myself in the mirror rather than make love to me.

It was really strange. I felt really naked and said, "Gee I look like I am nine years old." I couldn't resist touching it and said, "It feels so strange but it feels real soft and smooth. Do you like it?"

"Yes but we won't shave it anymore because I don't want the hair to get coarse. You will check it every day and if you see a hair pluck it out. Now it is time for your dance. Lets see if you can get me aroused."

He put a music channel on TV then began to undress. That encouraged me to get him excited since he obviously planned to fuck me since he was undressing.

I tried to do everything the strippers did but he stopped me after one song and I felt like a failure since his prick was not real hard.

"I'm sorry I didn't excite you. Maybe I will get better with practise."

"No. It has been a long day and I have seen a lot of naked girls. I just need something extra."

"Oh do you want to spank me? I know that makes you excited."

"No. I don't know how thin these walls are and I don't want to alarm the neighbors. You know how much you liked having me lick your pussy? Well it feels good to men to have a girl lick and suck their pricks. Come over here and kneel between my legs."

I know it sounds crazy but I was sorry he didn't want to whip me and sucking on his penis seemed gross.

It was not as bad as I thought. He kept himself clean so there was no bad taste but it did nothing to excite me I could have just been sucking on a polish sausage and it demeaned me for him to say, That's right my little cock sucker. Use your tongue and get it in your mouth as far as you can."

Thankfully I only had to do it until it got hard and it was worth it to have him fuck me until I had an orgasm even though it was not as strong as when I had been "Spanked."

He knew it and said, "I'm sorry it was not as good for you. Don't worry. We will have privacy tomorrow at my cabin and you can be whipped into a fantastic orgasm."

It embarrassed me to bring up my "Perversion." "I don't know why spankings excite me. Do you think I should see a psychiatrist?"

"God no! Why tamper with something we both enjoy. It is the reason I married you. I love you just the way you are."

It didn't make me feel any less perverted but at least he loved me and it was plain we both needed it because we agreed to go to sleep rather than continue to make love as we had before."

The next morning we had breakfast with Mom and her husband. She was ecstatic. She had won over a thousand dollars. When Dick said we were going to do a little shopping then leave to go to his cabin she said she may stick around a few days. Dick told her that was okay with him and they had a free room as long as they wanted it. That ended all her objections to him. She told me I had married a wonderful man and I should do every thing I could to keep him happy."

After our late breakfast he took me to a large store with all kinds of sexy things. The first thing he showed me were several magazines with photos of women tied up and whipped. He said,

"See. You don't have to feel strange. There are a lot of women like you."

I thought even more so. A lot of the pictures showed women being tortured with really evil looking whips and a lot of them had big rings in their nipples and pussy that must have taken a nail to make a hole big enough. I was sure I would not like that.

After we browsed through the magazines he took me to the back of the store that looked like a supply center for torture chambers. I recognised the stretching rack and a pillory from history books at school but there was a lot more special furniture to tie a girl forcing her legs open. All four walls held manacles, wrist cuffs, harnesses, and everything imaginable to whip or spank someone.