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"Yes but I remember that whip seemed to hurt you badly. Wouldn't you rather I use the leather thongs?"

"No. It would not be the same. If you hit easy at first my excitement will let me take the bigger pain. I want to know how she felt. I want it to hurt and I want welts. I just don't want to be cut."

On the way to the house he said, "Not having the big whip won't matter. The long "Blacksnake" left welts even though I hit easy. As long as I don't hit the same place twice and stay away from the tender inner lips of your pussy I should make good welts that don't bleed. As far as an audience is concerned I will set up the camcorder. You can imagine it is going out over network to millions of people. Later, If the idea excites you, we may show it to some friends."

"Oh we couldn't do that. I know my friends would be shocked."

Actually that idea excited me and I decided to be brave just in case some of my girlfriends might be like me so they would be impressed by my courage.

He said, "I may have some friends that it would excite. We will have some small parties and kind of feel them out to see how they might react."

That could bring on a sex orgy. I had fantasized being in one when one of my girlfriends rented a x-rated tape at a slumber party. The girls in the tape had been fucked and had their pussies licked by both girls and boys. Some of my girlfriends thought it was disgusting but some others and I obviously enjoyed it.

At the house he got ropes to tie to the leather cuffs he had bought at Jim's and the long "Blacksnake" whip. He had me carry the ropes and whip while he brought the camcorder and tripod.

Carrying the ropes that would make me helpless and the whip I knew would cause a lot of pain made me realize that this was no longer fantasy. It was real! I began to have doubts. Especially since he had said he would avoid the inner lips of my pussy which implied my pussy would be hit.

"I am frightened. This will hurt a lot! Would you be angry and disappointed if I changed my mind?"

"No. This is your idea. If you want to chicken-out it is alright but you may always wonder what you missed."

That implied cowardice and it was true that I would always wonder especially since I had used that fantasy several times to help me bring on orgasms from masturbation.

"I am not going to chicken-out. I just asked to see if you would force me to do it. I love you for letting it be my choice."

"I love you too and will never force you unless I am sure it will excite you. How many lashes did the black woman take?"

"Oh God. I hadn't thought about that. According to the text she had refused her Master which earned her fifty lashes. It must have been terrible because she fainted and they threw buckets of cold water on her to bring her too for the last twenty. If I faint just stop at that point but I am going to try to experience them all. Don't stop no mater how much I may scream and beg you to stop. If it is too awful I know I will faint."

"That is a lot! Since you don't want your back or lower legs to be hit I will have to cover all the rest of your body to avoid hitting the same place twice."

"Yes I know. Save my inner thighs, breasts and pussy for last when I am excited enough to stand the pain to those especially tender places."

"Yes I remember at Jim's that those areas came closest to making you scream."

By that time I was in sight of the tree. It suddenly looked terribly threatening and evil to me. I remembered the faces of the people watching the black girl being whipped. Along with the excitement there was hate on their faces. I wondered how Dick could love me yet still hurt me. In all the love stories on TV the couples were gentle.

"Dick. Are you sure you love me? You really seem to like hurting me."

"I love you more than I can say. The fact that you will participate in these things that excite both of us proves you love me and makes you unique and irreplaceable. The more pain you will endure for us makes our love stronger. Why? Do you want to change your mind?"

That seemed to be the perfect answer for me. Now rather than being a pervert I felt like a martyr for love like women who stay with their husband even though he may have been maimed or paralyzed.

"No. Knowing you love me will make it easier to accept the pain. It can hurt really bad until my excitement can overcome it. This might be more than I can overcome but don't stop if I scream. I really want to know how the black girl felt. If I can eventually become excited I will know she could too and won't feel guilty for using her to masturbate."

"Alright. I will ignore your screams but if you really can't take it just say 'Mercy."

When I was hung up in a wide "X" it was a little different than the picture because the roots in my tree were further apart to spread my legs more than hers. Just being hung excited me enough to feel the breeze drying the juices in my gaping pussy. I told him to hit hard right from the first because that was what the overseer would have done.

The camcorder was not necessary. I seemed to space out and could actually see people staring at me avidly.

When he asked if I was ready I was so excited I could only moan and nod my head.

Then I felt a searing pain at the top of my butt cheeks. It was the worst pain I had ever felt and I screamed and continued to scream as lashes just as bad moved slowly up and down from the first to cover my thighs and back. I swear I would have screamed "Mercy," but my mind was in such turmoil the word did not occur to me. At just below mid-thigh he moved to my right side and began going up the front of my thighs. Incredibly just as he got to just below my pussy my mind snapped and suddenly I wanted the pain. I was trying to push out my body to meet the whip and was actually disappointed when he skipped over my pussy to bring the next lash just above my pubic bone. The pain increased as it hit the stretched skin over my ribs and then was beyond description as it distorted my breasts with a lash hitting both nipples.

Then he stepped in front of me and began back-handing and fore-handing my tender breasts making them jump and sway. The pain was not just on the surface of my skin anymore it seemed to go deep into my body as I shuddered and moaned. Then he moved down to backhand and forehand my tender inner thighs slowly moving toward my pussy. I had become hoarse from screaming and just gasped as the sharp tip of the lash went from thigh to thigh creeping ever closer to my pussy. Suddenly something snapped in my mind and the pain became pure excitement. I began swinging my hips to meet the whip as orgasms racked my body until the ultimate orgasm when he gave two quick blows to make an "X" over both pussy lips and I blacked out.

When I woke I was lying on my side on the floor while Dick gently caressed salve on my welts.

He looked really concerned and when he saw I was awake he kissed me and said, "You were incredible! I could tell you were in agony but you took all fifty lashes! I am so proud of you. I have never known anyone so courageous. I would have been glad to stop if you had said, "Mercy."

He kissed me again then said, "Jim gave me this salve. It is supposed to stop pain right away and heal any cuts. I am afraid I am not an expert with the whip. You have some small cuts at the base of your bottom and one on your left pussy lip. Can you forgive me? I don't think they will leave a scar."

I felt proud he thought I was courageous so I didn't mention I could not think of the magic word and later didn't want it to stop.