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Family persuasions

Connie Lyle


The misgivings Charlie Crandall had had about the evening dissolved completely the moment he felt Jan Peter's warm, soft lips close around his jutting, aching, desperately hungry prick. After all, if she didn't care about having someone in the car with them, why should he? Her mouth circled his blood-swollen staff, and her tongue washed over the glands like hot, wet velvet, and his hyperactive, nineteen-year-old balls spurted a boiling hot flood of sperm into the base of his cock.

He had laid out the ground rules to Cookie as soon as they had left the house. No peeking, no squawking, no yakking, and, above all, a death oath not to squeal to their parents about what might or might not happen.

"Why? What's so special about tonight?" Cookie had demanded.

"You're too young," he had retorted, stopping the car in front of her date's house.

"I'm not either, I'm eighteen," she had retorted. "Oh, I get it. You've got a date with Jan Peters, don't you?"


"So, I know what kind of reputation she's got," Cookie had snorted.

Yeah, well, Jan did deserve her reputation. She was taking his cock like he wouldn't have believed possible. Her warm, soft lips were wrapped around his phallus. Her tongue scrubbed the underside in a wild, swirling motion that was making his juices flow like lava. Kneeling on the front seat, snipped to the waist, she held his prick in her fingers as she dipped her head up and down. From time to time her teeth would nick his flesh, bringing a flicker of pain to mingle deliciously with the searing, aching ecstasy.

Cookie wouldn't believe this if she could see it, Charlie told himself. He wondered, in a brief coherent moment, what was going on in the back seat. But he too had promised not to peek. Probably that oaf Mike was trying to paw her like the clod he was. Well, Cookie just wasn't that kind of chick. Of course, she was starting to get kind of curvy. Charlie had been surprised, last time he had seen her in her bathing suit-surprised that she actually had some need for the top of her bikini. She had shown a lot of golden tan skin in the skimpy suit, and the cups had really had something in them!

Still, she was just a kid. Probably had never even heard of cocksucking. Probably she had never had a guy feel her up. Probably didn't know what a guy liked to have done to his prick.

But Jan Peters sure as hell knew what to do, and was doing it. She had her fingers under his balls and was rolling them back and forth, back and forth, until Charlie thought he was going to go nuts. And the way she was squeezing the base of his cock! Hard enough to make it ache just a little bit, just the right amount. And all the time her head was bobbing, bobbing, bobbing. Her short black curls were tickling his bare skin as she stroked her head up and down.

When she released his phallus he felt a surge of disappointment. She bent his cock down and took it in her mouth the way a dog carries a bone. Her tongue curled around the underside and she moved her head sideways, sliding the length of his shaft along her tongue.

Thrusting his hand under her, Charlie gripped one of her firm, jutting, eager breasts, molded the rounded conical shape in his hand, felt her thrusting nipple dig into his palm. She was firm and warm and soft, all at the same time.

Jan Peters sure was something! She had not waited for him to thrust his tongue between her lips, but had taken the lead there. When he had put his hand on her breast he had felt through her loose shirt that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hand had gone to his crotch before they finished their first kiss.

Charlie had waited damn near forever for this date with her. Now it was all coming together. It was worth all the waiting. Even the nagging presence of his younger sister in the back seat couldn't spoil it.

In the back row of the drive-in movie, under the trees, they were safer than if they had been in his own bedroom with the door locked. This passion pit ran X and R rated flicks, and never checked ID's. They made their money off all the dirty old men and horny teens in town. When the movie came on and the lights went down, the action in the cars was heavier than on the screen.

Like, nothing on the screen could match the incredible slurping blowjob he was getting. The way her tongue curled around his cock was unbelievable. She was coating every inch of it with spit. Then she wormed her head down between his thighs and mouthed his balls, rolled them on her tongue, heating them with her hot mouth.

Then she was back, back to the main course again. Holding his prick upright, she pressed its tip to her closed lips and pushed her head down slowly, letting his phallus drive her jaws open. She met his glands with her tongue. She kept on pushing down, driving his phallus into her, sliding it along the length of her tongue, through her lips. His glands bumped the roof of her mouth and pushed toward her throat, until he felt her breath swirling around it.

Christ! She had to be taking it halfway down her throat!

Charlie had never experienced anything like it before. He'd gotten a few of his dates to feel him up. He had gotten his fingers into hot, bushy, wet pussies from time to time. He had even gotten a couple of chicks to jack him off until he had spurted semen all over their dainty little hands.

But this was the first time had had gotten head. This was the first time he had actually gotten his cock into a girl in any fashion. It was one hell of a way to be introduced to real hot, wet sex. God! He felt he was going to burn up from the heat her hot sucking mouth was building in him.

"No, Mike!"

Cookie's soft, not quite whispered plea jolted through Charlie's haze of pleasure. Damn it! Why had Mom and Dad insisted he and Cookie double up, tonight of all nights? He supposed now he would have to turn around and rescue his baby sister from the boob she was with.

Then everything was quiet in the back seat again and Charlie forgot about Cookie as Jan's mouth worked and sucked. Her tongue was stroking and slurping. Still massaging her breast hard with his other hand, Charlie touched the back of her head as it bobbed up and down, up and down. He hoped he would not cum for a long, long time. This was too excruciatingly good to end soon; it had to last. Jan was sure proving what all the guys said, that she was one hot piece. When Charlie had unbuttoned her shirt, she had damn near thrown those great tits of hers at him.

Those breasts! The one he was now massaging with his hand felt as good as it had looked in the flickering light from the movie screen. It wasn't that they were so large, though they were one of the larger pairs around school. They were such a great shape. They were perfect cones that jutted forward. They were pointed and firm. Her areolae were about an inch in diameter, rounded, cup-shaped. In the center of each was a nubbin nipple that just begged to be pinched and rolled and twisted.

Charlie had pinched and rolled and twisted them, encouraged by Jan's eagerness. She hadn't accepted his touch, she had demanded it. She had sat back proudly so he could see her boobs in their full glory. Then, as she kissed him with the same sucking wet mouth that was now engulfing his cock, instead of jamming herself against him, she had held herself away so he could fondle both soft, firm, warm mounds.

Aahhh! Jesus, it felt great to have her suck him! It felt as if she was trying to suck the cum right out of him. He could feel the suction drawing blood into his cock, making the head of it swell and tingle. Then she scrubbed it with her tongue again, and he felt hot lubricant seeping into her mouth. She lapped it up as if she loved the taste of it. He had heard she'd take the load right into her mouth and swallow it when you did finally cum. The thought made his guts twist into a tight, hot knot and brought still another wave of sperm into the chamber at the base of his phallus.

Her breath puffed onto his hairy stomach, stirring his pubic bush. Her fingers curled around his balls, warming them, speeding the flow of sperm from them. His hips were shifting and jumping now, forcing his prick down her throat. Somehow she managed not to gag. Her back and ribs were warm under his arm as he continued to reflexively squeeze and massage her breast. Her ass shifted and squirmed restlessly as she sucked and sucked on his simmering cock.



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