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Don Keye

Finding True Lust

Chapter 1

"Fuck me, Doc. C'mon, put it in. Bet you're scared to," she taunted. I gazed down at her lush, ripe fifteen-year-old body, the full breasts and rounded hips with their exciting triangle of soft hair standing out against the creamy whiteness of her skin, and I knew, just as sure as the sun would rise in the east, that I was going to fuck the hell out of her.

I gently stroked and pried apart the tender pink lips of her cunt, and let my fingers stray up to her clitoris. As I massaged it softly but rapidly, her eyes closed and a dreamy smile played over her lips. "Oooooooohh, that's good, Doc. Keep it up and I'll rape you." She opened her eyes and began to laugh. "Let's race, to see who rapes who. C'mon – you aren't chicken, are you?" Her hand strayed over the edge of my examining table and rubbed my crotch, which was already beginning to swell. "Hey! Old Doc's getting horny. Oh God, that's a big one. Let's have a party. Please." Her voice was plaintive and whimpering; she was writhing and begging me now.

The exciting thrill of entering this teenage girl was almost more than I could bear, and I waited not a moment longer. I slid my slacks and shorts off and she grabbed my tumescent cock in both hands, her eyes widening.

"Jesus! I've never seen one that big. Oh, boy, you are really hung, Doc!" She leaned back with a smile. "Just take it easy at first, and I'll try to take it all. Boy, if the other girls only knew… " Her voice drifted off as she fondled my cock with both hands, her tiny fingers unable to completely encircle its girth, her fingertips gently stroking its veined surface, its pulsing and throbbing almost making her lose her grip.

I lifted onto the table over her, fingered the lips of her moist cunt apart and slowly inserted just the head of my tool. Her sharp intake of breath and the passionate warmth of her tiny cunt almost made me come. I slowly inched a little more into her, and could feel the tight hot sides of her pussy gripping my cock. Nothing, but nothing, can ever replace that feeling of total sex that a grown man gets when he enters a tiny young cunt.

"More. Give me more. Slow and easy… but oh, Christ, I want it. This is the biggest and best I've ever had, Doc. Yours is bigger and longer than my Dad's, and that's saying something." She arched her hard young body up against me and soon we were working together rapidly.

I was afraid to sink my shaft into her to the hilt, as I didn't want to tear her apart, but each minute she kept pushing further against it, and I could soon feel the head bumping viciously against the mouth of her little womb, and knew that she was taking all that it was possible to cram into her tender cunt.

I felt her cunt muscles tighten even more on the length of my rod, and her thighs stiffened against my back as her orgasm crept closer. She had all this time kept up a moaning, begging litany of desire and ecstasy.

"Oooooohh, good, good, good, Daddy, more, more, don't stop Jee – sus! Fill me, stuff me with that big cock, yes, do it to me, to me, yes yes YES! Fuck me Doc fuck me ram it in ram it ALL in oh god I love it I love it! I'm coming I'M COMING YES YES!"

I felt the total, insane ecstasy of her body and mind and soul saturate our meeting, and it triggered off an explosion in my loins that I hadn't felt so thoroughly in a long time. It had been all I could do the last five minutes to hold off. Her wild abandon loosed my hold, and the pulsing, streaming waves of come shot forth from my cock into her eager cunt. Stuffed as she was with my cock, I felt it surge against the end of her pussy and break like a tidal wave upon the mouth of her little womb. Then, as I backed off a bit, the stream of come poured from her twitching cunt. I looked down at my half-limp tool, still partly inside the raw pink slit, and saw the glistening cunt-lips of the young girl saturated with my jism and it slowly began running down her creamy thighs. She had been filled to overflowing with my lust and passion, and she lay back, spent, her breasts heaving with her sensuous breathing, a soft smile on her mouth as her mind whirled through the dreamy lassitude that follows a total mind-blowing fuck.

I withdrew slowly and felt the warm clasping of her cunt as it reluctantly surrendered my sated cock, and told her, "We'd better get you a blotter and clean you up, little babydoll – thy cup runneth over."

She grinned. "You're telling me. I can feel it – warm and wonderful up in me, and hot and trickly down my legs. My god, Doc, you must've shot a gallon up in me. It felt wonderful – like I was on fire. Oh, that was, perfect, Doc. I didn't know if I could take it all, but I sure as hell wanted it."

She sat up and slid gingerly off the table.

"Whew! I wasn't sure I'd be able to stand up. Christ, I'm tired. But a real happy-tired, lover. Boy, oh boy – that was the best ever, by a long shot!" She walked gently over to the lavatory and cleaned up, smiling all the while. We both dressed and went to my private office.

"Hey, Doc, I'm gonna need a session like that every day," she said with an impish smile. "I wouldn't've argued with Mom so long if I'd known psychiatric treatment was that good."

"No, babydoll," I told her. "We can't make it every day. Your mother sent you to me to see, first, if you were still a virgin, and secondly, to get counseling and treatment if you weren't. Because you kids didn't handle your sex club very intelligently is the reason that you all got into this mess. You'd never have gotten caught if you'd been smart and kept it limited to just a few of you." I lit a cigarette and leaned back. "Now, I felt like I could trust you -"

"You can, man, I promise," she interrupted. "What we just had is what I want and need. I won't tell. I don't want to lose the best fuckin' I've ever had," she grinned.

"O.K.," I said. "I dig young girls – always have – and I think you're just about the greatest. You're willing and eager, and you already know how much fun fucking is. Well, what you had was just a sample. I'll teach you a million things, all of them wild and wonderful and probably illegal as hell, and we can have a real good thing going, but it has to be done exactly as I say. Understood and agreed?" I asked. "Yes, Doc, you're the boss. Just don't make it too long in between times, will ya? You can't make it too long while we're doing it," she added mischievously. She squirmed and rubbed her crotch. "God! I'm getting horny just remembering that last fuck!"

"Don't worry," I told her. "I want your tender young body as much as you want mine, love. What we'll do is this: I'll certify to your mother that your cherry is still intact, that apparently you never had participated in any intercourse in the sex club, and that you don't really need psychiatric help, but that a course of guidance and counseling is indicated. I'll recommend counseling on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week to start. How does that sound? It'll take the heat and pressure off you at home, and I'll need your loving at least three times a week." I smiled at her. "In fact, I could use some more right now."

"Hell yes, Doc," she said, undressing as she spoke. I led her to the big couch in my office.

My cock was already enlarging at the thought of again entering the snug cunt of this child, and by the time I disrobed again, it was at its full length. She grabbed it with both hands as she sat on the couch and I stood before her.

"Let me warm up first," she said. "It's still a little sore and tender from that first time. I never had so much cock jammed into me before. All we had were those damned little boys in the club – no real men."

She placed her smiling lips around the head of my tool. It was all she could do, by practically yawning, to surround the flared head of my cock, and I felt her straining and gulping to get past the purple corona. Her tiny hands traced the full length of the shaft, feeling its throbbing veins and muscle ridges, and this only increased my desire and size. I felt her tongue race around the rim of the head, then dart back and forth along the underside. The gentle tickling of her hot tongue made my old pecker spring to its fullest length, and she moaned with delight as she struggled valiantly to cram more and more of the meat into her little mouth. Her long hair flew around my thighs as she bobbed and leaned forward, and one hand crept down to gently grasp and cuddle my heavy-hung bag. As she found my large, filled-to-bursting balls, she cradled them tenderly with one small hand while the other massaged my shaft its full length, all the time her hot wet mouth enveloping the head and a couple of inches of cock.



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