Grand Hunt 2

Grand Hunt 2
ЛитРПГ, Стимпанк
Автор: Kane Riker
Язык: русский
Год: 2019
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Формат:  EPUB (331 Kb)
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After making it to the Grand Lands, bounty hunter Harrison decides to continue his quest for the next great hunt. His two companions, a headstrong gunsmith named Evelyn, and Selina, an inventive machinist, accompany him across the ocean for a little fun, relaxation and whatever else they might run into.

It's not long before the trio learns of a new bounty that has everybody's attention. The jewels of the city of Rumford have been stolen and the thieves are on the loose. It's up to Harrison and the ladies to track down the thieves to get the jewels back and save the city. But with every other bounty hunter on the continent giving chase, Harrison has more competition for this target than he's ever had before.

It's going to take all of his wits, upgrades, luck and some help from his gorgeous companions to complete his toughest bounty yet.

Join Harrison on the continuation of his grand adventure in a new land as he gets into new fights, duels with new enemies, gains more upgrades, and makes a little love along the way!

NOTE: Grand Hunt 2 is a steampunk-inspired, action-packed adventure containing GameLit upgrades, weapon crafting, fantasy harem elements, gun duels, boss battles and intense action. It picks up right where Grand Hunt 1 ended.

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16 Фев 21

Да, еще почитать онлайн ее можно на сайте

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20 Янв 21

Мне очень понравилась эта книжка. Здесь прочитать не смог, но на сайте нашел. Скачивать тоже можно

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