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I guess Lance and I are perfect examples of the effect of too much money and influence on people trying very hard to avoid being bored. Since we had done all the kid things like Disneyland and Disneyworld by the time I was eleven and he was twelve it was only natural to look for more exciting things.

Since my parents were third generation wealthy and Dad's idea of work was going to stockholders meetings two or three times a year and Mother's was her annual charity ball they were probably even more shallow than us.

We learned about sex very early. When we were six or seven we used to lie on the floor on the upstairs balcony to watch all the naked people swimming in our indoor pool with the inevitable orgy later.

By the time Lance was twelve he could maintain a boner long enough to get me into orgasm. This brought about more study in the form of watching Dad's hardcore porn videos so we could experiment with all kinds of sex.

A couple of the videos included spanking. We had never thought of it as sex but I let Lance spank me and we found it turned both of us on as long as he did not hit too hard. I liked him to spank hard enough to get my ass red especially at the lower part close to my pussy but if I felt any real pain I would make him quit which would kill both of our excitements.

Lance could not impress the girls at our private school with his money since they were also wealthy but he could still get laid at will just because of his good looks. Like me he quickly became bored with our friends lack of imagination and would always return to me so we could both get off. I couldn't understand our peers. They were raised like us and had all kinds of opportunities but the girls could still stay interested in buying clothes and the boys were able to maintain interest in sports, even boring ones like golf.

Then we saw a movie that was only "R" rated but created a brand new desire. It was called "The Story of 'O'."

The movie turned us on so much we were fucking each other as we watched it by having me sit on his dick facing the TV while he watched over my shoulder. When it was over Lance said excitedly.

"Jesus! That would be wonderful to have a beautiful girl like that as my slave. Shit! We were just born too fucking late. With our money if we lived in the south in the eighteen hundreds we could have had gobs of slaves. Not fat nigger bitches either. They were still considered black when they had a trace of black blood even if they were as white as us."

"Oh God yes! It would even better for me because I could have men as well as women slaves to cater to any of my whims or fantasies."

"Jesus the thought is making me horny again. Would you let me whip you?"

"Fuck you! If you think you can make me your slave you can think again. I want a slave for myself!"

He was very disappointed. In fact so much his hard-on went away. He didn't give up though. Finally he made a little whip by nailing leather shoe-strings on a broom-stick. He said he would do anything if I would just let him whip me once. He couldn't bribe me with presents because I had a handful of credit cards and could buy anything I wanted. I finally agreed with conditions.

"All right you can whip me. I know you want to re-create the scene in the movie so you can hang ropes off the posts in the archway but I won't be tied. I'll just wrap them around my wrists and hold on to them. If you hurt me bad I'll let go and never let you do it again. Also I told you I wanted a slave too. You will have to be my slave tomorrow and get whipped too."

"All right Heather, you have a deal except you have to be my slave all day. We can go up to our cabin for the weekend. Mother and Dad never go up there anymore."

That was true. Mother thought the cabin was much too crude as there were dirt and bugs around the house because of the natural setting. Mother thought that anyplace without manicured lawns and room service was incredibly primitive. Lance and I liked the place. It was very large and private with thirty fenced acres and a boat so we could water ski. We never took our friends there because we did not want them to get in the habit of dropping in while we were running around in the woods naked.

We went up there the next day. He had me get naked and tied my hands behind my back for the last ten miles up the private road. It made me excited to think we might meet another car that would see me but since we had dark windows on the "Caddie" it wasn't likely I would be seen. He left my hands tied till he had hung some ropes down from the ceiling beam then untied me so I could assume the position of the girl in the movie with my arms and legs spread. He whipped me several times and like in the movie when he hit my back the ends of the whip came around to hit my breasts. He did not hit hard since he was afraid I might tell him to stop. It was just a sting with some reddening of my flesh. To my surprise it made me very excited. I had always thought the spankings were childish and just tolerated them. This seemed very erotic. I was more than ready when he dropped the whip and forced his dick in my ass while gripping and pulling on my tits and pussy. I held onto the ropes until he had cum once to my three or four. For the rest of the day and night he led me around with a leash attached to a dog-collar around my neck and when he fed me He would have me stand up on my knees with my hands to the outside of my tits while putting pieces of meat and veggies in my mouth. When I was thirsty I had to lap water out of a bowl on the floor. He had me lick his balls and asshole. When that got him good and hard I would suck his dick. I didn't mind because I knew it would be my turn tomorrow.

The next day I told him that he was tougher than me so I should be able to tie him up for his whipping. He finally agreed and I used all my weight pulling down on the ropes to stretch him out for his whipping. I covered his whole back, his butt, his thighs and finished on his chest. He hated every minute of it. He didn't get excited at all. This made it even better for me because in my mind a slave shouldn't like it. I was just lucky it turned me on. When I had to quit because I was so horny I just had to get fucked I ended up having to suck his dick a little to get him hard so I could wrap my legs around his waist and fuck him while he hung from the ropes.

We both got off on that but he bitched about his chafed wrists from the rope so I had to promise the pussy I would pad his wrists with cloth the next time.

"I don't care if you wrap them in cashmere. I am not going to let you tie me again. Also you hit me harder and longer than I did."

"Don't be a wuss! Look at yourself you don't even have a welt. I'll bet all the pain is gone too. If I can't tie you we won't be playing this game any more."

"Well I still feel hot but if it is that important to you I guess I can stand it."

Since he told me he didn't like to be tied I kept him tied the rest of the night with his wrists tied behind his back or to his thighs. The more he hated it the greater it was for me. The only time he got hard from whipping is when I folded up the thongs in my palm so just about four inches was hanging out the pulled out his dick and whipped it lightly. It was just great! For several days afterward I could get horny just thinking about it.

We played all summer devising ways to torture and humiliate each other without leaving any marks since we spent so much time in swimming suits.

That fall Mother dropped a bombshell on us.She had read an article in one of her stupid women's magazine that said private schools were bad for us as we had no concept of the real world and we should go to a public high school. My Dad, the wimp, went along with her. We hated the idea of not graduating with our friends since Lance was a junior and I was a sophomore.

We hated the curriculum. We were used to just being taught what was necessary to get high S.A.T. scores so we could get into the college of our choice. This school taught a bunch of extra stuff we couldn't care less about. The other thing that pissed us off was our old friends asking us if our folks couldn't afford to keep us in private school any longer. Shit! My dad could buy and sell most of those bastards and we ended up ignoring them.



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