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Kathy Andrews

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Susan knelt in front of the teen, her, hands holding his hips, gazing hotly at the bulge of his cock.

This was her second time with the teen, an almost identical repeat of four days before. She loved looking at his cock growing hard, her excitement growing, too, teasing herself before opening his pants and taking his prick in her hand. Seeing a cock, hard and throbbing, outlined inside a teen's pants, sent her emotions whirling, made her cunt wet and quivery.

The reason Susan liked teens was because, at those tender ages, they would do anything she wanted. Teens sexual juices ran very hot, and they loved to stick their lovely cocks into anything, anything that would thrill them and make them come. They were at the age of discovery, with their balls swollen full of come juice, eager to spray the sweetness anywhere.

Unlike men, who thought they already knew it all when it came to fucking a woman, a teen was willing to follow her suggestions and do the things she wanted most. As long as they could come off, they were satisfied. They would rub those sweet cocks against anything, anything that made them feel good. If a woman like Susan touched their cocks, they would melt. They were putty in the hands of an erotic woman, a woman who desired the teen, the cocks that had just discovered the joys of coming, of discharging. Susan was such a woman.

She enjoyed teens more than men because of their freshness, of their quick to respond cocks, of their eagerness to let her do what she wanted with them. She had always loved teens.

Gazing at this teen's throbbing cock with burning eyes, she ran her tongue over her lips. His cock was molded along his left thigh and it pulsated as he looked down at her, his eyes clouded with anticipation. He delivered the newspaper each afternoon, something Susan didn't ever read. It was the teen she wanted.

Now that she had teased herself long enough, she moved a finger along his cock, her tongue moistening her lips again. She traced the outline, then began to tug at his zipper.

"Are you gonna do it like last time?" the teen asked, his voice cracking.

Susan nodded her head. "Do you want it that way again?" she asked, her voice throaty with emotion. "Do you like putting your cock in my mouth?"

The teen nodded as her hand pulled his cock from his pants. He shifted his feet, his legs shaking. Now that she had his cock out, she held his hips again. His cock stood straight out, his prickhead swollen, his piss-hole already wet and waiting for her mouth. Susan slipped the tip of her tongue over his piss-hole, then circled his silky cockhead slowly with it.

"I bet you've never put this in a girl, have you?" she asked. Susan loved it if she could get a guy who had not yet fucked a girl. "I bet you've never fucked a pussy, have you?"

"No!" the teen said, his whole body trembling as he looked down at her.

She smiled at that. She knew, too, the excitement it gave a guy to hear her, a woman old enough to be his mother, using words like that.

"Wouldn't you like to?" she said softly, closing her hot fist about his cock, stroking it, jacking it. "Wouldn't you love to fuck some sweet girl?"

The teen replied in a hoarse voice, nodding his head vigorously.

"You will, someday," she whispered, pressing her lips to his cock, and kissing his pisshole.

The teen could not hold back. He pushed his cock between her lips, gurgling with pleasure, feeling the wet heat as he saw her lips stretch about his prick. Susan moaned softly as his cock filled her mouth, her eyes blazing up at him. She dug her fingers into his hips as the tingling sweetness of his cook split her wet lips. Ecstasy began to bubble between her thighs, her cunt throbbing.

What pleasure it would give her to fuck him, to be his first piece. She knew the teen would love that. But there wasn't time to fuck him. She was not alone in the house and she had to suck him off quickly. But that chance of being seen was part of her excitement, too. The thought of being observed with this cock stuffed into her mouth sent ripples of shivering pleasure through her.

Susan's lips pressed upon the fabric of his open fly, his cock deep in her mouth now. She held him there, working her tongue about his prickshaft, her lips tight against the base. She wanted to lift his balls from those pants, to feel them rubbing at her chin, but there was no time even for that right now.

She wished the teen would hold her head as she sucked him, but he was still quite shy, never touching ha. If only there was time to let him play with her tits, to rub at her hairy cunt, time for bet to fondle his tight ass, to cup his balls and suck them, too.

But she had no time.

Susan began to suck the teen's cock, mewling softly, her lips sliding back and forth from the base to his satiny prickhead, her tongue swirling with wet hunger. She gripped his hips and pulled and pushed at them, causing his cock to fuck her mouth as she sucked hard. The throbbing hardness between her lips sent her mind soaring, her inner thighs slippery now with the seeping juices. Just seeing a cock bulging inside a teen's pants always made her pussy start to seep juices.

The taste of the cock caused her to moan in ecstasy as she sucked fast, her hair bouncing, dancing. She kept looking up at the teen's passion contorted face, watching his eyes become glassy in delight. She swayed her ass gently, pressing her inner thighs together tightly, creating pressure upon her bubbling cunt and throbbing clit. She would come when he did, she knew. Susan always came when she fucked or sucked cock. Sometimes she would have orgasm before the teen came, but most of the time she came as the teen spewed his come juice over her tongue and down her throat.

Feeling the teen's cock throb with increased power, Susan sucked wildly at him, anticipating the spurting of his thick come juice. Her eyes glazed with hunger as her tongue licked in liquid fire about his cock, her lips tight. His cock seemed to increase in size, searing her gobbling lips.

She heard him grunt, then tasted the first gush of his come juice as he came off. Moaning with ecstasy, Susan raced her tongue about his cock, sucking hard. Her eyes rolled in her head as her cunt exploded, her hair-lined pussy lips convulsing with rumbling orgasms. She swallowed in noisy pleasure as she sucked him dry, pulling the jism from his balls and into her mouth. The thick, slippery sweetness on her tongue was so good, she felt faint. Clinging to his cock with her wet lips, she flapped her tongue about his piss-hole, making sure there was not another drop before releasing him.

She felt his cock soften in her mouth and only then did she let him go. Even dangling down, his cock was beautiful to her. She kissed his prick, then tenderly tucked it into his pants. She gave his cock an affectionate pat, then stood up. She smiled at the teen, opening the door for him.

"Maybe we'll have more time one of these days," she said, "and perhaps you can fuck me, if you'd like."

"Hell, yes!" he said.

Although Susan didn't know it, she had been seen. She had been watched from the beginning, before she'd even pulled the teen's cock from his pants and started sucking on it. She had been seen right up to the end, until she had tucked his cock back into his pants.

She had been seen by her daughter, Tracy.

When she saw her mother get to her feet, Tracy fled to her room. Stretched out on her bed, she stared at the ceiling. She had come in the back door, as usual, and had seen her mother with the teen. But she hadn't felt embarrassment or shame – she had felt excited.

Tracy was in her last year of high school. She was a beautiful girl, popular with everyone, a member of almost every school activity she had time for. Slim and rounded, with straining tits and a swelling ass, she cheered at the school's games, prancing in her short skirt and tight sweater, her slender thighs flashing, giving everyone a peek of her tight panties.