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I know I am materialistic but you would be too if you had to go through school being teased by the other girls because of your raggedly clothes and never getting asked for dates by the "Cool" boys.

Even after school I could only get a job as a "Temp," replacing people on vacation or sick. My clothes weren't raggy any more but they were still cheap.

My life changed when I went to work as a receptionist for a lawyer. A handsome distinguished looking man about forty came in for his appointment. When I led him in to the office my boss introduced him. I recognized the name. His fore-fathers had helped found Seattle. I knew he was very rich and was pleased when he told my boss that he was lucky to have such a lovely receptionist.

When he came out of the office he said, "I understand you are a temp. I have some unusual temp duties for you if you would be interested. I am obligated to take some business friends to the ballet and my girl friend is ill. Would you consider being my escort? I would pay one hundred dollars as I have no time to make other arrangements."

I told him I would be happy to go with him but I had nothing to wear. He asked me my dress size. I don't know if I was trying to impress him or what but I not only gave him my dress size but also my bra size of thirty-five "D", my waist size of twenty-two, and my hip size at thirty- five.

He said his ex-wife's clothes should fit me and went back in the office to arrange to get the rest of the afternoon off. My boss was glad to agree since it was already four.

He led me out to put me into a big black limousine. I had never been close to one before and relaxed into the soft leather seats feeling absolutely regal while he poured us glasses of champagne.

We were taken to a large office building with his name on it. He put a key into the elevator to take us non-stop to the penthouse.

It was fantastic! I had never seen anything like it even in the movies. There was beautiful antique furniture, a fantastic view of the city and even an indoor swimming pool.

He led me to a bedroom with a huge canopy bed and thick soft white carpet. He pointed out some mirror doors on the wall and said he would get us a drink while I looked.

There were hundreds of dresses, skirts, blouses, and suits all with designer labels. I was just overwhelmed by the splendor of it all.

When he came back I asked him what he wanted me to wear but he just said that his friend's wife always wore black to the ballet so I should just bring out some light colored ones to try on till we found something we both liked.

He settled into a chair and I realized he planned to watch me trying them on. I was really embarrassed. I had never dressed in front of a man before but it seemed normal to him and I thought I should be more sophisticated considering I was going on a fabulous date and even getting paid for it. I just held dresses up in front of me for his approval putting off the inevitable. He finally had me keep out a light-blue, a red, a white, and a salmon colored dress to try on. By then I decided I was being silly since I would be wearing panties and bra that actually hid as much as my bathing suit and it was obviously something he was accustomed to. I decided that if I expected to be with an urbane man I should learn to be sophisticated too. I took off my skirt and blouse to hurriedly slip on the red dress. I made some turns in front of him but he didn't like it because he said the ruffles at the waist hid my beautiful flat stomach. That made me proud and I took my time putting on the blue dress while keeping my tummy tucked in.

He did not like that one since it did not show off my "glorious" breasts. This time I stayed in panties and bra while I hung up the dresses he did not like while holding in my stomach and pushing out my boobs. I peeked at him watching me avidly and enjoyed the fact that someone as sophisticated as he could be interested in me.

The salmon dress was so low cut my bra showed so I pulled the top down so I could slip off the shoulder straps and tuck in the tops of the cups. Doing this made me excited so when I paraded in it for him I bent over to maximize the exposure. He did not like that one either since the hem line was too long so I took it off and picked up the white one.

This was backless and cut very low in a vee shape. It was obvious I could not wear a bra with it. I hesitated trying to work up my nerve to take off my bra when he removed all doubt by saying, "That dress does not allow a bra. I hope your breasts do not sag very much."

I took that as a challenge. I was very proud of the fact that my breasts were beautifully rounded with no sag at all. I pulled off my bra and stood there proudly for a moment before I put on the dress. I was proud he was impressed.

"You have a fantastically beautiful body. Do you exercise a lot?"

I appreciated the compliment but at the same time I was disappointed he could be so calm. In my fantasies when my breasts were bared the men in it would grab me and throw me to the floor to rape me. I tried to make him more excited by slowly putting on the dress then tucking my bare breasts into the built in cups. I made several poses to show the back cut below the dimples on my kidneys and the fact my navel could be seen. He still didn't seem impressed.

Since I was wearing black panties that could be seen through the dress he told me there was white lingerie in the drawers on the wall by the closet.

I had never seen such tiny panties. I picked out a white pair. I knew I only had to slip off my panties and put on the others under the skirt but I decided to see if I could excite him as much as my exhibitionism was exciting me. I took off the dress to slowly remove my panties and stand naked in front of him while I unfolded and drew the white ones up tight against my pussy.

Again I was disappointed by a mixed message.

"You are really beautiful but if you are going to wear that kind of lingerie you really should trim the hair. If you want there is a ladies electric razor in the top drawer of the bathroom."

I didn't say a word. I just walked into the bathroom and shaved off every hair. I found the vibration of the razor next to my clit and the fact that now the lips of my pussy could be seen through the transparent panties excited me even more.

I went back to pose in front of him knowing the tiny panties seemed even sexier than if I was naked and said, "Is this what you had in mind?"

"Yes. Cute tight pussies like yours should never be hidden by a bunch of ugly hair. Now put on the dress so we can meet them for dinner."

I was disappointed again. I had planned to pose in front of him to see if I could make the bulge in his pants rise.

We went to dinner in a fabulous restaurant then sipped champagne on the way to the ballet. I had never been to a ballet before and was fascinated by the costumes and dancing. I tried to stay calm so I wouldn't look too naive.

After the ballet we went to the Space Needle for drinks. His friends were real nice, They said I looked beautiful and had the body of a dancer.

Then we went back to his penthouse to get my clothes.

When I started to take off the dress he told me that since it looked so good on me I could keep it.

I said, "I couldn't take it. It is so expensive I would feel guilty."

"Well then. What would it take so you would not feel guilty."

I suddenly thought of something that may make him excited. When my Mom had spanked me for something it made my older brother so excited he would give me his whole allowance if I pulled down my panties so he could see my red bottom.

"Mom used to spank me when I did something wrong. It always relieved my guilt."

"That is fine for me. Take off the dress and get over my knees."