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He went on to explain how to play "Texas Holdem" a poker game played in Las vegas. He had made a lot of preparation. He put a chart by our table telling us the value of each hand and gave us ten stacks of different colored chips. Then he took us into the ballroom to show us five sets of ropes with padded wrist cuffs and five whips hanging from the cuffs. It really scared some of the girls and they moaned and shuddered. Then he said, "Just in case some of the winners are especially cruel the winners will divide the chips equally so no one will have a large quantity and none of you will have to take all your punishment from the same girl."

We will play until the winners have the five thousand for your gifts. You will play till five of you are naked.

Now we had to make decisions. We were all too greedy to even consider his idea of just wearing panties. The least amount anyone wore was shoes, stockings, panties, bra, and a dress. Sandra and I changed into skirt and blouses then added a full slip, a half slip and even a scarf. If we lost we were looking at forty five lashes and I knew that they would be very hard since girls would be doing it. I had discovered the girls were meaner than men and being girls knew all the most sensitive places.

I felt pretty confident. I had played poker with my dad and brother and had learned when it was useless to bet on a bad hand.

The men must have bet big because even the unluckiest girls had only lost their shoes, stockings and dress when the men came over to watch us play. They would clap and make comments about our bodies when nine girls at the end of each hand would stand up to take off one or more of their pieces of clothing.

It was a good thing I knew how to play poker and put on a lot of clothes because I was really unlucky and would usually have to throw away my hand before the betting got wild. Sandra was having the same luck and we were down to just our panties and bra when I had to throw away my hand to take off my bra. Then one of the girls bet two chips and two other girls who had been winning called. Sandra asked if she could bet more than the clothes she had on and was told she could at five lashes per chip. She called the two and bet four more. The girls agonized over their hands since that would leave them naked but called. On the next card she gave a squeal of delight and bet four more. The other girls threw in their hands to complete the five losers. She laughed and showed her hand. She had nothing! I jumped up to give her the high sign proud of the nerve she had demonstrated. If they had called her she would have received eighty-five lashes.

THe girls all reacted differently while we separated out the chips to see how many we would give them. One girl was crying just from the anticipation of their coming ordeal, another stood there quietly with a determined look on her face to be brave, the last three were excited by the prospect. They were to get from twenty five to forty lashes.

The men took their girls over to be bound. It was easy to see which ones were mean because they would lift their girls clear off the floor to really cause them to stretch while others just lifted their arms above their heads to leave them flat footed.

It didn't really matter because Jon tied the ankle of the girl on the end to the wall with her legs spread then put manacles from her other leg to the girl next to her until we were looking at the five of them looking like five "X,s" with their legs spread widely and all hanging by their arms.

I asked Jon if we should whip them all at the same time or separately. "Whip them all at the same time but take your time. We are in no hurry. Spread the lashes evenly on their butts, thighs, breasts, stomach and pussies."

We were only able to comply on the crying girl because the brave girl half-way through begged us to hit faster to get it over with and the excited girls began to cry "Faster! Harder!" as they approached orgasm. Sandra was the only one to hit really hard. Her lashes left welts while we just turned them red.

When it was over we were all so excited we could hardly wait for them to be unbound so we could start another orgy.

When we were all completely sated Sandra said, "God! I have never been so thrilled in my whole life. When can we do it again?"

The girl who had hated it began to cry again and her husband said, "I don't think we should let you whip again. Look at poor Marie. You caused terrible welts on her breasts and pussy."

That was true and Sandra had not spread them as we had. She had put all the lashes on her tits and pussy.

Jon said, "I agree. You should make it up to her by going down on her to match pain with pleasure."

"Forget that! I am not queer. The thought of sticking my tongue in her hairy pussy makes me gag."

Jon turned to her husband and said, "She should have to make it up somehow. If she doesn't want to go down on her she should let Marie return the pain by giving her the twenty-five lashes she received."

Marie brightened up right away. "Really?! I would love to get even with her."

Sandra whined, "That is not fair. I won those lashes fair and square. It is not my fault she is such a wimp."

Jon said, "All right. You just won't be invited next time."

Her husband did not like that! "Bullshit. You were really mean and deserve to pay for it."

He grabbed one of her arms and motioned for Jon to take the other so they could pull her over to the ropes while she pulled back and moaned, "No. No." over and over.

While they tied her arms over her head Marie tied her legs way apart. Then she walked up to look at Sandra's tear soaked face and suddenly slapped Sandra's pussy with her hand hard enough to make her gasp then said, "Good. I can get to it."

Marie's personality changed from her former whininess to pure bitch. She alternated lashes from hard uppercuts to Sandra's rapidly reddening pussy to downward and across her tits always hitting the nipples and giggling in enjoyment at Sandra's screams and moans.

I watched in fascination as each lash to her tits caused them to contort and bob violently then moved closer to see some of the thongs actually go into her gaping pussy causing high pitched screams. Marie did not waste one of the twenty five lashes. Each one hit either a nipple or the lips of her pussy. When she finished Sandra looked like she was wearing a red bikini because her body was white except for her red and welted breasts and the vee of her pussy.

I became very excited as it seemed I could feel every one of her lashes to my body. To add to this I found I was pinching my pussy or nipples in cadence with the whip.

I think she would have kept it up till she dropped from exhaustion if Jon had not grabbed the whip out of her hand at the twenty-sixth lash.

Marie did a strange thing. She went over and kissed Sandra and said quietly while caressing Sandra's red and bruised pussy, "Poor thing. Does you pussy hurt?"

Sandra moaned, "Oh awful! It is on fire."

Marie said, "Then this won't matter." and before any of us knew what she was up to she grabbed a handful of Sandra's pussy hair and ripped it out!

Sandra screamed really loud while Marie ran laughing to the elevator with her husband following.

We really felt sorry for Sandra and let her down to caress salve on her till she calmed down enough to say. "I'll get even with her."

That started a war between them. They were anxious to get the games started at other parties. We played every type of card game and also dice and board games. The other girls and I dreaded the times they were both winners because they would compete to see which of them could get the greatest screams from the victim in front of them. Fortunately most of the time one of them would be one of the losers and when that happened the rest of us didn't have to worry about being hurt by them because whichever one of them lost would get all the lashes by the other.