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"No. Normally I like to keep welts as long as I can to remind me of the thrill that caused them."

"God your husband is a lucky man. If you ever decide to leave him, come here."

"Speaking of him. I should get back. may I take a shower?"

"Sure. Should I join you?"

"No. We would just want to make love again and I don't have time. Just take my credit card from my purse and add up my bill."

He offered to give me the whip but I told him I could not explain how I got it free so he charged me his cost at fifty dollars.

The hot water in the shower turned the rest of my body as pink as the welts so I knew I would be fine.

Jon was not home when I got there so I stripped to make sure all traces of my whipping were gone. I was relieved to see they were so I just put on a filmy negligee Jon liked to wait for him.

It turned out I had a lot of time to heal. He called to say he was meeting our friends at a restaraunt and to dress and meet them in the bar.

When I got there he asked how my shopping had gone. I whispered in his ear that I had found the perfect whip. He smiled and said to the group."You guys should come over Saturday night. Some art work I bought in Rio has arrived. I think you will like it."

They quickly agreed and I guessed correctly that Jon would let them see me whipped.

When we got home I showed him the whip explaining it was actually wire with a thin coating of leather and that the clerk said it was really nasty and would cut. Then I said, "Only you can whip me. The other men or girls may hit so hard all the welts will bleed. I could never forgive them."

"Well then I guess I should practise to see how hard I should hit."

"I think I may need a few drinks to get up my courage."

He made them strong and after a few I said, "I guess I am ready. Are you going to put me on the cross?"

"No. This is just practise. I think we should save the cross for the real thing."

"You want to do it in front of your friends, don't you?"

"Yes it will make me very proud to have you offer yourself. Do you mind?"

"No. I guess not. It may help me imagine I am being a martyr."

I took off my clothes and he put on my wrist cuffs to stretch me.

He said, "Should I practise on your butt?"

"No. She is only cut on her front. Start easy and then harder until you think the next hardest will cut."

He told me to tighten my stomach muscles as that is what he would hit.

His first one was almost as bad as the whip man's last. I gasped in pain and he paused which helped as the sting started travelling to replace pain with excitement. I moaned, "Do them slow. To let me absorb them."

The next two brought screams as the incredible pain enveloped my body. After the next two even harder I screamed "Stop. You are killing me!"

He said, That's enough. I am sure any harder will cut."

I was sobbing as he let me down then I asked him to caress the welts with our massage oil.

He did it for a long time and the pain receded to be followed only by tingles and throbbing.

I realized I had only received five lashes and asked him to count the ones on the statue hoping there were less than I rembered.

He came back to say, "There are ten plus the four that bled."

"Oh God. I don't know if I can stand that many."

He said, "Do you still have a lot of pain?"

"No. I just tingle and throb now."

"Then the pain only lasted a few minutes but if you don't want to do it I will understand. We can just use the thong whip."

"Let me think about it."

The next morning there was no pain at all although there were four skinny purple welts. I began to think I had exaggerated the pain and was being cowardly. I went to the statue to see her welts were skinny like mine only red and I was sure hers would turn purple like mine by the next day. It was obvious she was still conscious and I thought it couldn't be terrible as she would have fainted.

When Jon returned I showed him my welts. He was concerned but also said he was proud of me for not stopping him sooner.

I said, "It may sound silly but I think I could do it if I could imagine I was a martyr. Could you get some black pants and a hood and maybe cut off my clothes while I am being held like in the show?"

He must have been afraid I would not do it because he smiled and said, "Of course. We can do better than that. We will put off the party for a week so everyone can get costumes. It could be during the French inquisition and you could be accused of being a heretic in league with the devil. I'll do some research on it and order costumes."

He really got into it deciding to make it into a play. He even wrote a script.

On the day of the party he gave me my costume saying, "There is only a hundred dollar deposit on it so we don't have to feel bad about destroying it. It was an elaborate gown low cut and included pantaloons a slip from waist down another slip at the top and a corset to push up my breasts to show all but the nipples above the top and to squeeze in my waist. I was glad. The time it would take to cut off all these clothes would give me time to work up excitement.

Then he showed me the script. My lines were simple. I only had to say that I was not a heretic and they could not make me admit it.

He said that first I would be held by men dressed like him bare chested with black pants in front of the Grand inquisitor who would threaten me with torture if I didn't confess then there would be some minor torture until finally I was put on the cross for my whipping.

I asked him about the minor torture but he said that would be a surprize and that it would just help excite me for the cross.

He said no-one knew about our plan except Bill who would be the Grand Inquiitor since he had to learn his lines.

They started to arrive about eight and Jon and I served drinks keeping them in the bar area. When the last arrived he led them to the pool to show them the kneeling girl.

Marie said, "That is great. She looks alive!"

Her husband put his crotch to the back of her head and said, "She is in the perfect position to lick my nuts while I whip her front."

Marie giggled and said, You would like that wouldn't you?"

"God Yes!"

"Oh alright. I guess it is my turn to provide entertainment. Help me out of this dumb costume."

They soon had her out of it and she breathed a sigh of relief when he unlaced her corset saying, "Thank God I can breathe again."

John got them the thong whip while her husband stripped then he stood behind her. She held on to his legs then leaned her head back to begin licking his balls. He started just hitting her stomavch but then began hitting her breast to redden them and make them bounce then finally brought it down on her pussy. After three or four she turned around to put his dick in her mouth. If she thought that would stop the whipping she was wrong. He began bringing the whip down the crack of her butt to let the ends hit her pussy. They weren't hard and she just shuddered and spread her legs more then used one hand to dig at her clitoris until he came and stopped whipping. She just rolled over on her side panting in climax.

That was good as it helped excite me for my ordeal. She stayed naked for awhile but since all of us were dressed she asked for help in getting dressed again. Her husband delighted in pressing his knee against her back to tighten the corset strings until her waist was tiny.