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I knew this would mean he would be spanking my bare cheeks since the panties just had a ribbon going up the crack of my ass but I thought if that didn't make him excited I may as well kill myself.

It worked! By about the tenth slap of his hand on my butt I felt his dick harden against my stomach. What I didn't expect was the fact it was exciting me too. When Mom had spanked me it had just hurt but this was causing tingles to go to my clit. By the twentieth I began to pant and reached up to take his free hand off my shoulder to press it against my heaving breast. He squeezed and pulled on it with each spank until I got so excited I rolled off his lap and knelt in front of him panting and shuddering with excitement. He didn't say a word he just began unbuckling his belt to slide off his pants and shorts. He was still unbuttoning his shirt when I crawled up on his lap to drown his dick in my sopping pussy by just sliding the panties to one side.

His dick stayed hard long enough for me to take off the panties to change positions from me on top to the missionary position. I came over three times! I had experienced orgasms before through playing with myself but nothing like this.

I just laid there smiling as he stroked my body while I trembled under his touch. When I calmed down a little I began to feel embarrassed about getting carried away and becoming such a slut. I tried to explain saying,

"I know this is hard to believe but I have never made love before or been spanked by a man. You must think I am some kind of slut."

He looked down at his penis and saw some blood at the base. He used his handkerchief to wipe it off and looked at it obviously surprised. Then he said, "Jesus. You really were a virgin. You were so willing I was afraid you might be really promiscuous. I was worried about aids. You were great. I would never have guessed you were pure. Why did you pick me for your defloriation?"

"Oh Gee. The whole evening was just terribly exciting especially when you had me dress in front of you. You were the man in my fantasies and I wanted to please you. It was a fantastic experience. I had no idea it could be so thrilling."

"You are most welcome. I am not sure what thrilled you the most, the spanking, or the fucking."

I cringed at the word, fuck. It seemed like such a crude term for such a wonderful experience. I hung my head in embarrassment. At the same time I regretted waiting so long to experience it.

It suddenly occurred to me that his statement implied a question.

"Oh making love was the greatest thrill but I admit the spanking excited me although I didn't think it would. I have been spanked before by my mom, but it just hurt. This hurt too but it made me really excited. Could we do it again?"

"The spanking or the fucking?"

I still could not refer to what we had done as fucking. "I would like to have you make love to me again."

"Well I guess that is up to you. If you can get me hard again I will be happy to oblige."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I think if you licked and sucked on my dick it may help."

That sounded gross but everything up to then had been fine and I thought it would be a lot like sucking a thumb. I said, "Alright but I will wash it first. It has been in my pussy."

"No you won't. If you do not keep yourself clean that is your problem."

Although I thought later that it was crazy, at the time it made sense. If I was not clean I should have to suffer the consequences.

I took a hesitant lick and was glad to find out it did not taste bad. I licked it for awhile then put the silky head in my mouth. It began to grow rapidly. When it was real hard he pulled me off of it and said, "Hand me my belt."

I had no idea what he wanted it for but I gave it to him then rolled over to straddle his legs and feed his love tool into my cunt. He rolled my hips and pushed me up and down with his hands till I began to pulsate then picked up his belt and began spanking my tits with the end of it. It did not seem to hurt at all except a little sting and it just seemed to add to the excitement. I began to have orgasms each stronger than the other.

After this we were sated and he got up to get us a drink. I loved watching the muscles working in his firm butt as he walked away.

When he came back he gave me a drink and lit a cigarette for me. I didn't smoke but it seemed appropriate as I laid there with my butt and my red tits tingling. I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to divorce him so I fished for information.

"How long have you been divorced?"

"Actually I am not. I am a widower. Against my better judgement I bought my wife a sports car. She drove too fast on wet roads and lost control, killing herself. I will never find another woman like her. I was very depressed for over a year."

"Tell me about her."

"Well as you know she was your size except possibly a smaller waist and also blonde. She was no more beautiful than you but different with a somewhat more patrician look."

I resolved to diet and exercise even more to get my waist even smaller than hers. "There are a lot of beautiful blondes. What made her so different?"

"She was a rarity in this age of independent women. She was well educated and intelligent. She could be anything she wanted but she was only happy when pleasing me. She could not prove enough how much she loved and wanted to please me. She would even suggest degrading or painful things for me to do to her to leave no doubt how much she loved and wanted to excite me."

"I didn't mind having you spank me. Even my boobies."

"That is not the same. A lot of women like a little extra stimulation. You know I didn't actually hurt you. Now you had better get dressed I have to get up early in the morning."

While I dressed he folded the white dress and put it in a plastic sack from the cleaners then called his chauffeur to take me home. At the door he handed me the sack and a hundred dollar bill.

"I can't take your money. I would feel like a whore. I made love to you because I wanted to. I think you are a fascinating man."

"All right, suit yourself. I may call you in a few days."

"Here I'll give you my phone number and address."

"That's alright I can get it from your boss."

He gave me a little kiss at the elevator then walked away. I was really depressed on the way home because I had not impressed him enough to even want my phone number. God knows he impressed me. I could get orgasms every night just by recalling our time together.

After four days went by I sadly resigned myself to the idea he was back to his girl friend who was no doubt more beautiful and sophisticated than me. To my surprise and delight he called me on a friday afternoon at work.

"Hello. This is Jon. I have a craving for chinese food. Would you like to join me?"

"Yes I would love to."

"My limo will pick you up at five. He will take you home so you can put on the white dress."

Time dragged till I left early to stand on the sidewalk waiting for his limo. I dressed hurriedly in the dress, the tiny panties and white patent pumps.

When I got back in the limo I was surprised when the driver turned south to head away from his penthouse. The driver took me to Boeing field then led me to a corporate jet. When I went in Jon was in the pilot's seat and waved for me to join him in the co-pilot seat.

"Here I'll help you with your seat belt. The only good chinese restaurant is in San Francisco."

It was wonderful! He even let me steer it for awhile. The view was beautiful and we were there in a couple of hours where we were met by another limousine.