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When she was dressed Jon said," We have more to show you."

He led them to the torture room and when Sandra saw the girl on the cross she said, "My God! She looks so real." then she took a closer look and said, "Jesus, Joy. She looks just like you. Did you pose for it?"

Jon laughed and said, "No. This is hundreds of years old. I think it was based on the inquisition. There is another surprize. Joy wants to look exactly like her. Look at the other cross. Joy will be put on it." Sandra said, "Really! She has been cut by a whip. Would you go that far?"

Jon said, "That is the third surprise. She won't have a choice. She has come up with a little play. That is why you are dressed like that. It is set during the inquisition. Joy will be accused of being a heretic and will accept torture rather than confess."

Sandra said, "Oh God I had a fantasy about that after seeing a movie about the inquisition."

Jon said, "Yes. Joy thinks the fantasy will help her reach the goal of looking just like the statue."

We had another drink while Jon explained "Only Joy, Bill and I have lines. The rest of you can wing it. I would suggest lines like Make her confess, or torture the heretic or simply More or Harder."

Jon and Bill moved his desk out to the end of the room then Jon, Bob, and Joe took off their shirts and put on black hoods. Just seeing them dressed that way increased my excitement.

Then Bob and Joe held my arms to lead me in front of the desk.

Bill said, "We have evidence that you are a heretic. Will you confess for a merciful death and a chance for redemption or persist in your lie of being innocent." I really got into my role. I felt it was all real as I protested, "I am not a heretic. I am innocent." "Very well. You will regret your lie. Strip her. We will look for the devils mark."

Jon began cutting off my clothes. A combination of fear and excitement rose as each article was cut away to be thrown to the side. Finally I was naked and in character struggled against my captors.

Then Jon said, "How will we find the Devils mark Sire."

Bill took out a box of long pins and said, "The devil's Mark is numb. Stick her with these. If she doesn't flinch you will have found it. It is usually near private parts that are hidden from the public."

Jon passed out the pins to everyone. All of them took two or more. Then they began sticking them into me far enough to stay I squealed and struggled as each went in. All of them were stuck into my butt, breasts, or pussy while I struggled. Surprisingly except for the ones stuck in my nipples and the really terrible one Sandra stuck in my clitoris it didn't hurt that much and my excitement continued to rise. They finally ran out of pins. I looked down to see my breasts and pussy looking like a pincushion as I moaned and struggled.

Bill said, "The devil has hid his mark well. We must proceed to the next step. Remove the pins."

My audience began to go into character grumbling "Make the bitch confess." and "No torture is too much."

It became frightenly real. I whimpered trying to think of a way to prove my innocense forgetting that this was only a play.

I was dragged into the torture room and put face up on the rack then cuffs were put on my wrists and ankles. I heard a clanking noise as winches at my head and feet began tightening my body. I swear my joints were almost to dislocate when they stopped. I looked up at the mirror to see my waist had lengthened and my tummy shrunk almost to my backbone as all my ribs showed beneath my tight skin.

Then The Grand Inquisitor, I no longer thought of him as Bill, said, "Now will you confess?"

I moaned," How can I? I am innocent!"

Bob Joe and Jon all began hitting me at once on my breasts, stomach and pussy. Fantastically seeing them hit in the mirror made me excited in spite of the fact they had never stung that much. I was so in character I thought God had intervened to make my torture bearable as the audience yelled "Harder!" "Faster!" I was almost to orgasm when the Grand Inquisitor said, "Enough! We will go to the final test. If she is innocent God will allow her to bear it. If she faints she will be burned at the stake."

I truly believed that and was determined to stay conscious no matter how bad it was.

They released me from the rack and Jon held me up against the cross by hugging my butt to press my pussy into his chest while Bob and Joe fastened my wrists. Then I was let down on the peg. Jon pulled out my pussy lips to make them pooch out around it. Then Bob and Joe tied my ankles to the ends of a bar bell to spread them.

They stepped back and all watched in awed silence as I swivelled my hips to rub my clit on the peg until I was near orgasm.

Then Jon rubbed the skinny whip against my breast and said, "This will make you confess or prove your innocense."

I whimpered, "Do it. I am innocent!"

The first one hurt so much it took my breath away and I could only gasp. But then the others did not seem as bad and I just moaned as I continued to swivel my hips on the peg to let excitement make me ignore the pain. Then there was a terrible one below my belly button that made me scream in pain and orgasm. Then quickly I felt the terrible pain across my breasts and then two close together at my pussy. Thankfully the peg protected my clit.

I just hung there limply moving my hips slowly to continue orgasms as my audience stared silently. Then someone yelled, "She is innocent! Release her!"

My ankles were loosened then Jon buried his face in my pussy as he lifted up on my butt for Bob and Joe to release my wrists. His tongue replaced the peg to bring on yet more orgasms. When my arms were free I grabbed the back of his head to pull him into me until his teeth were pushing against me.

He carried me out to the living room and Bob and Joe helped me down to lie on my back. I laid there panting as aftershocks shuddered my body then moaned, "Jon. Get the camera. I want to be able to see it."

Someone held a glass to my lips. I drank thirstily then slid into sleep.

I woke up later. I was still stinging on my breasts, stomach and pussy. There was a blanket on me. I felt my body to find I was oily with ridges. When I touched my breast the sting increased evidentally frrom the salt on my hands. I threw off the blanket to see purple welts across my front and a little blood still oozing from my tits and pussy.

I heard Sandra yell, "She is awake!"

She came over to me and gushed, "God. Girl. You were awesome! You never asked Jon to stop! Even when the lash brought blood. You have to be the bravest person alive!"

It suddenly dawned on me that the experience had not been real. It was not that I was brave. I had truly believed I had to take the lashes to prove my innocense.

I did not admit that. I just basked in glory as they all came over to rave about me and give me drinks. John said, "Everyone give my bride to be a kiss!"

I was kissed all over. My lips, my nipples and even my pussy as people said I deserved all the love in the world. All I could think of was the fact that it was all worth it because it had convinced Jon I was worthy to be his wife.

We are married now. I must have totally proven myself because I have only been whipped enough to give me orgasms since my ordeal. Jon love me so much he will do anything I want and all his friends think I am a hero.

Life is good.