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By the time he came back from seeing them off I had managed to catch my breath but stayed on the floor in the foetal position sobbing at the slut I had become.

Jon didn't help. "I had no idea when I met you that you were such a slut. The only thing important to you is getting orgasms, isn't it?"

I felt terribly ashamed and tried to defend myself. "I am so sorry but I didn't used to be this way. I swear I was a virgin when you met me!"

I hid my face and began to sob loudly again. When my sobs turned to sniffles he said, "Maybe it is in your genes. Was your mother a slut?"

That really hurt especially since my Dad had said she was nothing but a slut for leaving us to go with another man. Somehow this explained the way I was and closed any chance for me to be a good person. I said, "My dad said she was." and began to cry again.

He picked me up and put me in his lap on the couch to hug and cuddle me as if I was just a baby.

"It is alright, Baby. I am kind of proud you were able to excite those men since they have seen and done nearly everything. I want you to have orgasms too. It is just that I can't trust you since you may want to fuck other people to get off and I am afraid to death of AID'S. Do you think you can be true to me?"

"Oh yes, Jon! I swear I would not have touched those men except I thought you wanted me to." He looked at me doubtfully and I realized I obviously could not wait to get that man's dick in my mouth. I hung my head and said timidly, "I shouldn't have sucked that man until you told me to do it. You should punish me."

"It should be something you won't forget shouldn't it."

"That scared me because I could not imagine how much pain that would take. I had already whipped myself harder than Jon had and had managed to just get terribly excited by it. I gulped and said, "I will suffer through anything you want to do. I want to prove you are more important to me than anything."

"I think I know something that will be a constant reminder. You have had a big day. Let's go to bed."

When we went to bed I just felt even more guilty because he was so wonderful to me. He kissed the whole front of my body and then licked my pussy till I was near orgasm before fucking me then cuddling me in his arms till he went to sleep. I couldn't go to sleep for a long time because I could not think of anything horrendous enough to punish me sufficiently to make up for my betrayal to him. I wiped the idea out of my mind that he may have had me suck them even if I had not volunteered.

I was even more humiliated when he put a chain on my ankle long enough for me to be in the kitchen and reach the bathroom since he was still not sure he could trust me enough to be sure I would not look for someone for me to have sex with while he was gone.

While smoking a cigarette I came very close to putting it out on my nipple but held off thinking that my punishment should come from him.

He seemed to be gone forever. When he came back I was overjoyed to see him although I knew I would soon be in some sort of pain.

He hugged me then opened a black box to show me two large gold rings and two more smaller ones.

"I believe if you are wearing these on your nipples and the lips of your pussy you will be constantly reminded that you should be true to me. Do you agree?"

I picked them out of the box to look at them.

"Yes but how do they work? I don't see any clamps or anything."

He took one from me to show a catch to open them up.

"Your nipples and cunt lips will be punctured and then these will be slipped into the holes. A lot like piercing your ears for earrings.

I knew it would not be the same. These rings were thick! It had just taken a small needle to pierce my ears, these would take a huge one. I had already decided I couldn't suffer enough to make up for my slutty behavior so I just nodded.

He said that I may not be able to stay still for it so he took me to the dungeon and tied me to the "X" frame so my legs were about three feet apart then wrapped rope from the bottom of my breasts to my navel and then around both thighs so I could not move and could barely breathe.

He walked back to his rain coat and took out a frightening tool. It looked like a big pliers with a wheel with different size punches in it. He explained it was a leather punch to make holes for laces or belt buckles but would also work well on me.

He could have made it easier by doing it fast but he slowly closed the jaws letting me feel the punch slowly cutting through my skin while he pulled out my nipple so far my breast formed a cone shape. I screamed throughout the whole operation and even more when he stopped the bleeding with some kind a styptic powder that burned as bad as the cigarette I had considered burning myself with.

He watched me sobbing with my tears running down my face to drip on my boobs and must have felt sorry for me because he said, "That hurt you much more than I thought it would. May be we should do another one later."

I blubbered, "No. I want all of them now. But please make the hole faster."

I gritted my teeth as he pulled out my other nipple then closed the jaws just enough to make a pinch saying, "When you are ready say 'Now."

I took a deep breath then moaned "Now"!

He aqueezed the jaw quickly and that was much better as the sharp pain only lasted a second but I still could not suppress a small scream when the powder was put on to burn it.

He went to my pussy and pulled out my right lip to again just cause a pinch as he held it out with the pliers for a few seconds until I realized what he was waiting for and moaned, "Now."

That was much better than my nipples. I just felt a sharp pinch and it was over.Even the powder just caused a burn that excited me as he continued to caress my pussy. I felt like I had cheated him of the pain I deserved and said determidly, "Do the last one slowly."

I knew I had said the right thing when he smiled and said, "That is my good brave girl. I am proud of you."

Now the pinch slowly became more intense and I gritted my teeth determined not to scream as I felt the punch slowly cutting through my skin until I realized it was over when I felt the burn of the powder to make me sob.

He put in the rings and untied me. I fell into his arms sobbing while he comforted me. "Now, now, Baby. It is all over now. You know you deserved the pain don't you."

I sobbed, "Yes. I deserved that and more. Do you forgive me now?"

It is not a question of forgiveness. It is now just a question as to whether these will remind you to be true."

By now the sharp pain had gone away and now I just throbbed. I said , "Make love to me to show me I have beeen forgiven."

I found that the pull on the rings on my nipples with his tongue and the ones at my pussy pushed into me greatly increased the thrill and I had several great orgasms to make my ordeal seem worthwhile.

He had to leave the next morning for some business. While he was gone I had thought of ways to prove I belonged to him. I decided to volunteer for even more.

When he came home I met him at the door stark naked and said,

"Jon come in to the kitchen. I want to show you something."

While he was gone I decided I had to prove I belonged to him and him alone. I thought the best way to prove it would be to be branded like a cow. I found some large paper clips and a needle nose pliers and bent them to form his initials.

I showed them to him and said I wanted to heat them red hot on his gas stove and brand me with him since he owned me as much as any cattleman owned his cattle or a plantation owner owned his slaves.