Metaclysmia Discordia

Metaclysmia Discordia
Другая религиозная литература, Другие учебники и пособия
Год: 2005
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A tale, of love, action, horror, comedy and two cities. She was a Greek Goddess with a penchant for golden apples, he was a random Scotsman with too much spare time. Together, they would bring about the Greatest Book in living hsitory, one guaranteed to change the world; the METACLYSMIA DISCORDIA! TINGLE with anticipation as you read the truth about the menace of Discordianism! SQUEAL in delight as you read about many tentacled oozing things from other dimensions! FAINT in horror is the terrible truth about Discordian haikus are revealed! JUMP with delight as you learn how to avoid a face-raping bat! Note: Blurb may or may not be intended for this actual book. Also, the blurb writers accept no responsibility as to the existence of the universe and therefore the validity of this product.

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