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Next Door Neighbor

Part 1

It started out just a few weeks after I moved into my new apartment – working from home, I get the chance to learn a little more about my neighbors than usual. For example, it was only a week or so before I met my next-door neighbor, and learned that she was divorced, and had a 12-year-old daughter, plus two sons, 7 and 3 years old. I'd seen the kids, of course, but was happy learn that the young vixen I'd seen around the complex lived so close – and that her name was Robyn. I knew the girl was young, but I frequently saw her walking around in VERY tight jeans (her ass was a little large for her size, but nice and firm) and snug shirts (snug enough to show that she had orange-size breasts); she had a very pretty face with medium-length dark, curly hair. Even though I knew not to even get close to her, I still couldn't help but think about jumping her sexy little body.

After that first conversation, I'd continue to chat a little with her mother whenever we saw each other outside. One time, she mentioned that Robyn had a report to write, and she needed to do an extra-good job with it so as to bring her grades up a bit. I offered to let Robyn use my computer and word processor, and print the report out on my laser printer – I was pretty much caught up with my work, and wouldn't need to be doing anything while Robyn did her report. Her mother agreed that it was okay with her, and said that when Robyn came home, she'd ask if she wanted to use the computer.

About 6:30 that night, Robyn knocked on my door, and asked if my offer to let her use the computer was still good. I said that it was, invited her in, and got her seated at the computer desk in the living room. I got the computer fired up and the word processor loaded, and showed her the most basic commands, like cut-and-paste. I then told her that I'd be right there in the living room reading a book, and that if she had any problems or questions, not to hesitate to ask me. She agreed, and I left her there while I went over and started back in on my book.

After a few minutes, she said that she was thirsty, and asked if I had anything to drink; when I ran down the options, she said she'd like a Coke, so I got her one, and went back to my book. A couple hours later, she'd finished her report, so I showed her how to use the spell checker, and then the grammar checker. When she'd corrected the problems these had found, I showed her how to print out her report, which she did. After she'd gone over the report printout, she asked me a few questions about the computer, then said that she had to get home because the next day was a school day. I said "fine", and shut down the computer as she collected her things, before opening the door for her to leave.

The next day, her mother stopped by for a few minutes to thank me for letting Robyn use the computer. I told her it really wasn't any problem, and that if Robyn needed to do anything like that again, I'd be glad to let her use the computer again, assuming I wasn't too far behind on my schedule. She thanked me, and admitted to me that she'd been a little worried about letting Robyn go inside my apartment alone; but that Robyn had told her what I had done and said, and that she was comfortable with letting Robyn visit me.

A few days later, it was raining (as my grandmother used to say) "like a cow pissing on a flat rock", and I saw that Robyn was soaking wet and sitting outside her apartment door. I stuck my head out, and asked her why she didn't go inside, and was told that she'd forgotten her key, and the apartment manager wasn't in for her to get a spare. I told her that she could come into my apartment to dry off and get warm, if she wanted. She thought about it for a second, and then agreed. When she got inside, I had her wait for a bit just inside the door, while I went and got a large bath towel, which I wrapped around her. I had her take off her wet sneakers and socks, gave her a pair of my athletic socks (which fit her like socks on a chicken), and told her that she could go into the bathroom and use the towels there to dry off and get some of the rain out of her clothing. She seemed a bit hesitant, but I told her that it was okay, that I'd still be in the living room working on the computer – and the bathroom door locked, anyway. She smiled at that, and off she went into the bathroom. After about 15 minutes, she came back out, with her clothes appreciably dryer than before. She also had a couple of towels in one hand, and asked me what she should do with them – I took them from her, and dropped them into the laundry hamper. When I got back into the living room, I noticed that she had some things in her other hand, and when I asked if she wanted to put them somewhere to dry, she blushed furiously – only then did I realize that they were her bra and panties.

She was still a bit damp, and just standing there, so I went and got her another towel, laid it on a chair, and told her to go ahead and sit down.

Then, I went into the kitchen and started some water for tea. While waiting for the water to boil, I went back in and told her that if she wanted to watch some TV or listen to the stereo, she could, but that she'd have to keep the sound down so I could finish up my work on the computer.

She agreed, and I gave her the remote for the TV; she quickly found some afternoon cartoons which we both watched and laughed at until the tea kettle started whistling. I made us both some tea, brought her a cup, and then took mine over to drink while I finished my work. While I was working, she was very careful to keep the sound down, even muting the TV when commercials came on.

After an hour or so, she came over to see what I was doing; and when she walked up next to me I turned to see what she wanted, and was greeted by the sight of her still-damp shirt clinging to her breasts – and her hard, dark nipples peeking through the material. I instantly started to get hard, and it was a few moments before I was able to tear my eyes away from her chest and look at her face. She obviously noticed where I'd been looking, because she blushed a little and then pushed her chest out a little more – which pulled my eyes right back down! I enjoyed the view for a few seconds, then looked back into her eyes, and asked her "What's goin' on?". She said that she'd just come over to see what I was working on, and try to learn a little bit about what I did on the computer. I told her that I was a free-lance programmer, and that most of what I did would probably seem pretty boring. She asked me what it was like working for myself, and I told her that it wasn't as much fun as she might think, but that I enjoyed being able to shuffle my schedule around to suit myself, and not having to answer to a boss anywhere near as often. She laughed a little bit, and asked if she could watch me as I worked. I said it was OK with me, but cautioned her against interrupting me. She agreed, and pulled a chair up so that she could see what I was doing, but not be in the way. I went back to work, and really never noticed she was there except for a couple times when she got up to put her teacup in the kitchen, and when she went to get rid of the tea she'd drank.

An hour or so later, we heard her mother come home, so she thanked me for letting her get warm and dry off, and I told her it was no problem.

She went back to her apartment, and a few minutes later, her mother came over to thank me for letting Robyn get in out of the rain. She said that when she'd seen Robyn wearing only her shirt and carrying her bra and panties, she'd started to panic a bit, but when Robyn told her where she'd been and what I'd done (and more importantly, NOT done), she felt better about it. I told her that it wasn't any problem, and that if I had any kids in the same situation, I'd trust her to do the same. That seemed to reassure her some more, so she thanked me again, and left.

Over the next few weeks, we had several more rainstorms, and sometimes Robyn would forget her key, and I'd let her in my apartment while she waited for her mother to get home. A couple of times, Robyn would be drenched again, and I'd send her into the bathroom to dry herself off and get some of the water out of her clothes. It seemed that every time I did that, she'd come out of the bathroom, and make it a point to let me see that she wasn't wearing a bra, and how her nipples stuck out from her shirt. I'd look, of course, but never said anything, and didn't try to grab her or touch her in any way. When I was caught up on my project, I'd sit and talk to her, usually explaining different things about the computer or technology, or answering questions she had about different things. The things that she'd want to talk about would range from little-girl-ish to fairly mature woman. Gradually, as she got to trust me more and more, and understood that I wasn't going to tell her mother anything she said to me, she'd discuss things with me that were distinctly personal.



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