Prador Moon

Prador Moon
Космическая фантастика
Автор: Asher Neal
Серия: Polity #1
Язык: болгарский
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The Polity Collective is the pinnacle of space-faring civilization. Academic and insightful, its dominion stretches from Earth Central into the unfathomable reaches of the galactic void. But when the Polity finally encounters alien life in the form of massive, hostile, crab-like carnivores known as the Prador, there can be only one outcome — total warfare! Starships clash, planets fall, and space stations are overrun, but for Jebel Krong and Moria Salem, two unlikely heroes trapped at the center of the action, this war is far more than a mere clash of cultures, far more than technology versus brute force... this war is personal.

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22 Июл 20

Файл не открывается. Скачал и потом стирал. Для меня мусор!

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7 Июл 20

 Google перевод - не читается !!

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