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Punished by Parents in Law

Part One

My name is Kym. I am 29 years of age, and have been married to Michael for 3 years. I am a slut, and I am in deep trouble with my parents-in-law. I deserve sympathy but I do not seem to be getting any.

My troubles started nearly six months ago when Michael was away on a business trip. My friend Colleen invited me out to a local bar for drinks. I am not normally much of a drinker but on this night I did let my hair down. I am ashamed to say it but I was drunk.

I knew it was time I went home so decided to go to the toilet, and then round up my friend Colleen who was dancing with some dude on the dance floor. I literally staggered to the toilet, feeling decidedly unwell. On my return, I attempted to locate Colleen. My head was swimming and I felt nauseas.

Two young guys in their early twenties came up to me and started making suggestive remarks. I attempted to push pass them but was unsteady on my feet and instead tripped into the arms of one of the guys. Before I knew it they had ushered me out the side door to the alley. I protested and tried to push away but was no match for them in my inebriated state.

I started to really panic as I realised I was in big trouble. I started to cry. Suddenly there was a big booming voice behind me, which I recognised despite my fear and drunkenness.

The two guys stood their ground for a moment, but then their bravado evaporated and the dirty rats decided to scupper. I turned towards the direction of my saviour and fell into his arms. I looked up into the eyes of Michael's father, Ben. My father-in-law is a big bear of a man, in very good physical condition for his 55 years. Ben hugged me close and I cried uncontrollably on his shoulder.

I was vaguely aware of being led back through the crowded bar, out the main door onto the street. I remember being placed into a car but that was my last memory of the night.

When I awoke the next morning I hesitantly opened my eyes. Not surprisingly my head throbbed. I was not in my own room, and was momentarily panicked as I tried to piece together the events of the last evening. Then I remembered Ben coming to the aid of his drunken daughter-in-law. I looked closer at my surroundings and realised I was in the spare bedroom of the home of my parents-in-law Ben and Jane.

Then I noticed the bedside clock. It was 11.45a.m. I had slept the morning away. To make matters worse it was Friday morning, and I was due at work at 8.30a.m. I buried my head in my pillow and groaned.

'What an idiot', I silently chastised myself, 'What a bloody stupid, stupid idiot'. I was so embarrassed about having to confront my parents in law. What must they think of me? Drunk in a bar and allowing myself to be placed in a position whereby I could have been raped, but for the timely intervention of Ben. Again I groaned at the pain and humiliation.

I hauled myself upright and sat on the edge of the bed. For the first time I realised I was naked except for my bra and panties. Someone had obviously undressed me and put me to bed. I blushed with the shame.

There was a dressing gown hung over the end of the bed, so I put it on and shuffled to the door. Sheepishly I opened it and peeped around into the hallway. All was quiet. I took a deep breath, lifted my head off my chest, reassured myself all would be well, and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

Jane was busy baking, which she is apt to do. Whenever she visits Michael and I she always comes loaded with a welcome array of cookies and cake.

Jane looked up when she noticed me standing in the doorway, 'Well look what the cat dragged in. Feeling better I trust?'

'Jane, I am soooo sorry about last night. I don't know what you must think of me. It was so out of character of me to drink so much alcohol.'

Jane raised her hand to stop me in the middle of my attempt at redemption.

'Kym, we are ashamed at your behaviour', Jane's words were blunt and cut through me like an emotional knife, 'But more important is you have let down Michael. What will he think of his wife's behaviour?'

At these words my emotions boiled over and tears began rolling down her cheeks. I was deeply ashamed, and somehow words of explanation seemed empty, probably as I knew there was no way I could put a positive spin on my behaviour.

There seemed like an eternal silence between the two of us. Jane glaring at me with contempt, and me with tears flowing, feeling every bit like a recalcitrant child.

Finally Jane spoke, 'I want you to go and have a shower, clean yourself up, then come down here so we can deal with this matter properly.'

I was not sure what she was meaning but was so humiliated by the situation that I jumped at the chance to flee the cutting words of my mother-in-law.

As I was half way up the stairs Jane added, 'And Kym, I want you only wearing the dressing gown, nothing else.'

'Yes Ma'am', was all I could say. My hungover brain tried to make sense of Jane's request but frankly I was too emotionally contrite to deal with it. But the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

Tears were still welling up in my eyes as I showered. I kept shaking my head, trying to comprehend my own stupidity. Once showered and dried I certainly felt better physically. And emotionally I had resolved to do whatever it took to deal with this matter in the eyes of my parents in law. I deeply loved Michael, and knew I had let him down badly. Plus I had the greatest respect for Jane and Ben. They had been great to me, and had welcomed me with open arms as a daughter in law.

I pulled on the dressing gown, took a deep breath, then bravely set off on the long journey down the stairs to the kitchen. Jane was not there, and I felt a brief moment of relief. Perhaps she has taken pity on me and felt I have been humiliated enough. However my heart sunk when I peeped around the corner into the lounge. Jane was sitting there reading a magazine. She did not look up or acknowledge me in any way.

Gingerly I walked over until I was standing in front of her. My eyes were focused on her feet, as I was sure I would begin crying again if I looked her in the eye.

After what seemed an eternity Jane put down her magazine. 'Kym, I am not going to give you a long lecture, as I know you fully understand how disgraceful your conduct has been.' I whimpered, but doggedly held back the tears. 'I am going to deal with this matter now, and if you accept your punishment, the matter will be closed and nothing will be said to Michael. Is this what you want?'

Frankly I did not know what I wanted, or what I was agreeing to. But one thing I did know was that I did not want Michael to know about my disgraceful behaviour. I knew he would be gutted.

'Yes Jane', I whimpered, hardly recognising my own voice

'Yes, what?'

'Yes, I want to deal with the matter know.' Somehow I could not bring myself to mention the word 'punishment'. Anyway, I was sure when she was speaking figuratively when using the term 'punishment'. I am an adult. Adults don't get punished. Certainly not by their mother in law.

'Take off the dressing gown'.

'Oh my god', was all I could utter.

'Now girl!', Jane commanded with such authority it startled me and my mouth dropped open. I needed to say something. Anything. But no appropriate words would spring to mind. My mind was blank, but somehow my body cranked into life. Almost mechanically my arms untied the cord of the dressing gown and it fell open. I was just so aware of being exposed, and I felt my face flush.

I looked into Jane's eyes, and clearly she was waiting for me to complete the task she had asked of me. With great reticence I pulled the robe from my shoulders and it fell to the floor in a heap around my feet. I was totally naked. More naked than I had felt in my entire life.

Jane's eyes burned into me as she scanned my body up and down. Belatedly I moved my hands to cover my most private parts.