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Praise for Stand on Zanzibar

“Brunner was an angry man, angry at injustice and cupidity and cynicism—and this desperate novel, along with its companion, The Sheep Look Up, was meant to be a wake-up call to a world slumbering in the opium dream of consumerism; in the hazy certainty that we humans were in charge of nature.

“Science fiction is not about predicting the future; it’s about elucidating the present and the past. Brunner’s 1968 nightmare is crystallizing around us, in ways he could not have foreseen then.

“If the right people had read this book, and acted in accordance with its precepts and spirit, our world would not be in such precarious shape today. Maybe it’s time for a new generation to read it.”

—Joe Haldeman

“An enormously ambitious novel … still one of the mightiest chunks of ‘future reality’ that any SF writer has given us to chew over.”

—Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels

“The resulting vision has a cumulative, sometimes overpowering effect.”

—The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

“An interesting experiment, because it marks a stage along the road midway between pulp and social commentary.”

—Brian Aldiss and David Wingrove, Trillion Year Spree

“A well-conceived book—a satisfyingly complete vision.”

—Mike Harrison, New Worlds

“The first true science fiction novel.”

—Judith Merril, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

“Takes your breath away. It is beyond detailed quibble.”

—Algis Budrys, Galaxy

Stand on Zanzibar is a brilliant and dangerous book.”

—Norman Spinrad, Amazing Stories

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.


Copyright © 1968 by John Brunner

Foreword copyright © 2011 by Bruce Sterling

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Brunner, John, 1934–1995.

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