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Sweet Billionaire Stepbrother.

Part 2

The Sweetest Taboo

International Bestselling Author

Harlow Grace

Harlow Grace

Copyright 2015


Adult Only Themes

Language & Sexual Situations

Table of Contents

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Sweet Billionaire Stepbrother

1: Grayson

2: Layla

3: Grayson

4: Layla

5: Layla

6: Layla

7: Grayson

8: Layla

9: Layla

10: Grayson

11: Grayson

12: Layla

13: Grayson

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15: Grayson

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17: Layla

18: Grayson

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21: Grayson

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23: Grayson

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26: Grayson

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28: Grayson

29: Layla

30: Layla



Monster Stepbrother | His dark obsession runs deep.



Rich. Sexy. The catch of the century.

Grayson Forbes is intelligent, gorgeous and heir to a mining fortune.

He’s thoughtful, gentle and caring.

Everything a woman wants in a man.

Beautiful women climb over each other to get into his bed.

Grayson is also my stepbrother and best friend.

We adore one another.

He’s my comfort blanket.

And to him, I am simply his geeky stepsister.

Until one night.

One night that changes everything between us.

Once I’d had a taste, he’s all I want.

It’s wrong. It can never be.

Grayson Forbes is everything I can never have.

My name is Layla and this is our story.


Not appropriate for readers under 18.

Contains explicit language and descriptions of sexual situations.

1: Grayson

Now I’ve had her, I couldn’t get enough of her. This had never happened to me before. Usually once I pulled out of a woman, I was done. I’d get my gear back on and leave as quickly as I could without being rude.

With Layla though, I wanted to stay. I wanted to breathe her in, feel her softness melting into me, look into her gorgeous eyes. Make love to her stunning body. Stay inside her all night long.

I wanted to captivate her mind and her heart just like she had mine.

She hadn’t argued when I told her I was the man for her.

“Oh, Grayson.” Her voice was raspy and full of emotion. Her eyes softened and she pulled me down for a kiss. Gentle, but the passion in her lips couldn’t be mistaken.

Did it mean she agreed? Would she let me be her man?

I sucked her lower lip into my mouth. I didn’t want to think of the implications of that statement, but I had no doubt in my mind that it was true.

But first I had to take care of her. I rose from the bed and padded to the bathroom. I found a washcloth, ran it under the hot tap and wrung out the excess water.

When I returned, Layla had turned onto her side, hugging a pillow.

“On your back, sweetheart. I need to clean you up. Be a good girl for me.”

She smiled shyly as she turned and spread her legs. Blood and my cum seeped from her pussy and onto the sheets. Gently I wiped between her legs, kissing her thighs as I finished my task.

“Thank you, sweet Layla,” I whispered, nearly choking on the words. It was the most precious gift any woman could give a man.

Her eyes shone brightly as she nodded her head.

I lifted her naked body into my arms and made my way to the door. She was my woman now.

Layla slipped her arm around my neck. “Where are you taking me?”

“To my bed. So I can take care of you properly.”

She sighed contently against my chest.

“Thank you. I’d like that.” She planted a soft kiss in the crook my neck. God, even that one small act made my dick harden again. It wanted inside of her, it couldn't until she was ready, but it had too.

“I’m going to hold you and cuddle you while you fall asleep in my arms. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes,” she said, her smile growing wider. It made me happy to take care of her and I loved that she wanted it too.

I kicked the door open and with the help of the moonlight filtering through the open window, I lifted the covers and placed her gently on my bed. Opening the drawer of the nightstand, I found anti-inflammatory painkillers and shook two from the container. I fetched a glass of water and held it out to her.

“Take these, sweetheart. Will help you sleep better.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” she teased.

She sat up and did as instructed.

“Such a good girl,” I said as I leaned in and kissed her. I had to hold myself back from going to town on her and sucking on those luscious nipples that were clearly happy to see me. “Fuck, have I told you how gorgeous you are?”

Giggling, she lay back against the pillows. “Only a thousand times tonight. I might just start believing you.”

“Believe it,” I said. “And my cock agrees.” I shook my stiffened dick at her. “See what you do to me?”

Her eyes widened as much as her grin. “I do that to you?”

“You sure do, baby. If my cock had its way, it would be inside you all night long.”

She chuckled softly and held her arms out to me. I crawled onto the bed, eager to feel her naked skin against mine.

Skin to skin. Sexy as fuck.

“Turn around, baby. I’m going to put my arm around you and you’re going to get some sleep, okay?”

“Okay,” she said as she yawned.

Her ass backed up against my dick. Fuck, how was I supposed to sleep with a raging boner? Curling into her, I caressed her skin and kissed her neck, savoring the moment and the woman.

Despite my worries of not being able to sleep with her naked body enticingly close to me, I drifted into a peaceful sleep. I hadn’t felt this content and at peace in a very long time.

I wanted Layla in my bed.

I wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

I wanted this for the rest of my life.

2: Layla

The first rays of the morning woke me as the sun filtered through the window. Where was I? Memories of last night flooded back to me. I’d had way more to drink than I normally consumed, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find it was all just a surreal dream.

I opened my eyes, slowly adjusting to the daylight.

It was true. I was naked in Grayson’s bed and his arm was still draped around me, his hand cupping one breast and his erection throbbing against my ass.

Sweet Jesus.

What if someone found us like this?

But even worse, what would Grayson’s reaction be when he woke up and realized what we’d done? Would he be horrified and disgusted? I couldn’t bear it if he regretted it. I turned slowly so as not to disturb him and looked at his face up close while he was still asleep.