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Kathy Andrews

Teacher_s little helpers


Karen Shone leaned against the rough trunk of the tall tree, gazing at the clear water of the lake. The sun was overhead, sending heat against her body.

It was August, and she had two more weeks of her vacation left, then it would be back to the city, back to the school, back to the students.

Karen was a very good teacher, but her interest was not as deep as it should be. All her life she had wanted to be a teacher, and now she was. Yet something was missing. She knew what it was, but there was nothing she could do about it.

She was lonely.

Lonely for a sexual relationship. There was no doubt that she could establish such a relationship with any number of men, married or single. Many had made passes at her, but she rebuffed them. Karen had a peculiar desire, a desire that burned like molten fire in the depths of her stomach. Her pussy throbbed and quivered constantly, her clit sensitive and hard.

She had long ago found it impossible to keep her eyes off the crotches of male pants. She was delighted the times that she could see the delicious outlines of a cock, especially if that cock was hard. She could hardly talk to a young man without her eyes straying down in search of that wonderful sight.

A tall, unusually attractive woman, Karen lived in a state of frustration because of her odd sexual desires. Of course that desire was not odd to her, but it could be extremely dangerous if anyone should ever find out. Even more so if she were caught indulging herself.

But it had been so long since she had managed to feed her desire, almost four years ago. She was twenty-seven now, and the last time had been four long, miserable years ago.

Karen shivered with pleasure as she remembered it.

She had just graduated from college, with her certificate of competency, feeling very smart and ready to educate the little ones. She had been home, visiting with her parents when it happened.

The little boy who lived next door to her parents had been awed by her. She couldn't remember now what grade he had been in, but she certainly remembered his age. Drawing her knees up, hugging them to her spongy tits, she placed her chin on them, remembering how good it had been.

She had been alone that day, weeding her mother's flower beds when the little guy came over to say hello to her. She had knew the boy for probably five years, watching him grow taller. On this particular day, she had been wearing a pair of very tight white shorts, with a halter covering her shapely tits. Her long dark hair had been pulled into a tight pony tail, and her face was devoid of makeup.

She had felt, more than heard, the boy come up to her. When she turned to him, Karen noticed that his eyes were riveted on her firm, swelling ass. He was standing perhaps ten feet behind her, and she saw the sparkling interest in his eyes. She had no idea the boy was interested in girls at his age, and certainly not in her.

Her body grew warm with pleasure as he gazed at her ass, and she shivered as a delicious feeling swept through her. Karen's interest in young ones had been there for years, although she had never actually done much about it.

The boy stared at her for quite some time without speaking. She kept her head turned toward him, smiling at him. Her eyes, as always, swept over the front of his pants and she had been delighted to see his cock growing.

"Hi, Tommy," she said in a low, whispery voice.

The boy blushed and looked away from her ass. He came closer to her, dropping to his knees near her. Karen had forgotten what they talked about, but she had not forgotten later events. She would never forget them.

Just how things happened, she wasn't at all sure. Yet, kneeling there in the flower bed, she had taken the boy's hand and placed it on her tit, and, as he stared with huge eyes, she had fondled his cock through his pants. It had been such an exciting thing for the boy, he had come off inside his pants from her manipulating hand. Karen had laughed softly at this, telling the boy he had no reason to blush. Then she stood up and, looking around to make sure no one was strolling along the sidewalk, had taken his hand and led him to the back yard. There was a gazebo there, concealed by wildly growing grape vines.

They had entered the gazebo and sat on the benches, and Karen had hugged and kissed the little boy, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, teaching him how to suck on it.

She had opened her halter and let him look at her thrusting tits, with those large, rubbery nipples. She had shown him how to caress her tits, how to lick and suck them. Then she had opened his pants and taken his cock out, her fingers wrapped tightly about it, jacking him.

His cock had been beautiful. It was not a large one, of course, but it was so firm and sweet in her hand. She loved the throbbing of it, the way the head swelled and dripped.

She remembered how excited the boy had been, and thrilled to think of it. She hugged her knees tighter against her tits, feeling the heat of the midday sun on her body. In the water a few yards ahead of her, boys and girls were splashing and yelling. A few parents sat near the water's edge, watching their children.

Karen had dropped to her knees before the little boy in the gazebo and taken his hard cock into her hot, wet mouth. The boy, at first, had been surprised and thought she was going to bite his cock off. She had to reassure him that all she would do was kiss it and suck on it. She had told him it would feel very good to him, that he would love it.

The boy, still somewhat apprehensive, had watched her with big eyes as she licked up and down his cock, then pulled it into her mouth. Karen had sucked up and down his prick, licking slowly, letting her own passions explode between her long, tanned thighs.

Karen had sucked on his cock for a long time, her mind reeling with the intensity of her pleasure. The hot feeling of his prick between her lips was heaven, the dripping juices nectar.

The young boy had finally gotten over his fear, and leaned back, enjoying having his cock sucked off by her.

Karen sucked gently and lovingly, not wanting to suck him in a frenzy, afraid it would frighten him. She could get every inch of his hard cock into her mouth, and she had pulled his pants open so her lips could go all the way to the base.

Karen closed her eyes as she rested her chin on her knees, reliving the erotic incident. There was a smile on her full lips, and she hugged her knees tighter yet against her sensitive tits.

She had sucked the young boy's cock until he had begun squirming about, groaning. Karen knew he was getting very close to coming, and she pulled up on his cock until she held just the round, smooth head between her hot lips, her tongue gliding wetly over his dripping piss hole. She held his hips as she sucked this way, and the boy gave a loud grunt as he came, arching up from the bench and trying to force his cock deep into her mouth. It had been an involuntary urge on his part as he came. But Karen kept only the head between her lips, wanting to lick at his piss hole as he gushed all that delicious young cum into her mouth.

She had gurgled with delight as he filled her mouth, the thick cum splashing against her tongue. Her body had shook, and her thighs pressed together, and she came almost when he did. Her tongue licked at his piss-hole until he could come no more, then she had sucked up and down his cock a few more times, then released him. She sat on her heels, her naked tits exposed, and smiled as he recovered.

The boy had been delighted by the blow job, and he came to her daily after that until she had to leave for her first teaching position. Karen had sucked his cock off every day. Since her parents were usually around the house, she would take the young boy on drives with her, and park in lonely, isolated places. She had undressed for him so he could see her body, and had been delighted with his eagerness to explore her tits, her ass, her aunt. Oddly enough, he had not expressed an interest in fucking her.