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Bree Bellucci

The Beasts' Breeding Dungeon 3

“Crap!” Ava exclaimed, sucking on her sorefinger. She had gotten it caught in the sewing machine, this wasn'tthe time to become distracted by thinking of all the different waysshe could try to escape. She had been held captive at Valanya forsix days now and her days were beginning to blur together. She wasslowly making progress with The Overlord and she was finding thatthe more willing she was in bed paid off double outside thebedroom. The Overlord had stayed true to his word and was rewardingAva for her good behavior. The sewing machine was his latest giftto her and Ava was adding an embellishment to a basic black skirtthat had been hanging in her closet.

She was passing the time after breakfastuntil her meeting with The Overlord late that morning. Breakfasthad been yet another horrible display this morning, a two-headedgrotesque Siamese-twin fucked three women on the breakfast table.To make matters worse, her best friend Michelle had been one ofthose women and it seemed like she had enjoyed every minute. Avahardly recognized Michelle now. Her friend was already getting areputation for being one of the most slutty and most showyprisoners to ever be held captive. Ava was still convinced that shewas being slipped some sort of additional aphrodisiac.

While Ava was making some leeway with TheOverlord she still felt her plans of escape were pathetic. She hadbarely said three words to Franco over the past few days and shehad no access to the turret where Mia was being held. Michelle wasof course a useless case, and Jolie remained tight-lipped thoughAva knew she would be able to count on her when the time came.

It was strange, for as monstrous as TheOverlord was, he seemed to have a soft and tender side and Avaalmost felt guilty for taking advantage of him in such a way. Thenshe reminded herself that she was also being held prisoner in a sexdungeon. She and Michelle should have returned home by now and shewondered what her fiance Drew was going to do. Ava imagined hisdesperation and fear at not being able to contact her over the pastweek. Thinking of Drew only upset her more, and Ava tried to pushall thoughts of him aside; it made things too hard.

She worked for another hour and a half andwhen she had finally created the skirt she had in mind, sherealized that she had only five minutes until she would besummoned. She quickly dressed in a white blouse and white skirtwith strappy red heels. She had learned that The Overlord, orMaster as she was sometimes allowed to call him, preferred herdressed in white. Just as she fastened the last strap on her shoe,a knock came at the door. She opened it to find Franco waiting forher.

“I’m here to collect you,” he said in aprofessional tone. Ava tried not to hide her excitement at thechance to speak with Franco and she nodded as she followed him outinto the hallway.

“Have you come up with anything?” hewhispered as they walked to the elevator.

“No. I’m racking my brain.”

“We need some type of special event. I heardthat many years ago The Overlord threw a ball. There was once ahuman he loved very dearly and he did it for her.”

Ava’s mind raced. Anything that would changethe normal routine at the castle would be the most advantageoustime for them to plan something.

“Okay. I’ll try mentioning it to him.”

They stepped into the elevator.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do aboutyour friend Michelle. She is out of control.”

Ava’s heart sank. “We’ll find a way to takeher with us. Somehow.”

Franco nodded as the elevator opened on TheOverlord’s floor. Jolie was waiting for her. Ava shot Franco onelast look and then followed Jolie down the hallway.

“Does The Overlord not trust me to walk downthis hallway alone?” Ava asked curiously.

“I can’t answer that. You would need to askhim.”

Ava nodded and entered the doors to TheOverlord’s chambers. He was standing with his back to her and heturned and smiled when he saw her. His gray skin was as dull asever and his wings twitched with his arousal.

“All white,” he breathed, “perfect.”

“I thought you would like it,” Ava saidcoyly, doing a little turn on the spot.

“Ah, you tempt me, cucciola mia. And I knowwe must eat first.”

Ava walked slowly towards The Overlord andtried to fight the bile that rose in her throat. Without theaphrodisiac in her system, it was hard to be around him.

“I have a question, Master.”

“Yes, my sweet?”

“Do you not trust me to get off the elevatorand walk the few yards to your chambers?”

The Overlord studied her carefully. “It isnot a matter of trust,” he finally said.

“Then what is it? I’m fairly certain I canmanage walking a few steps by myself. You make me feel like achild,” she pouted. She thought she might be pushing things toofar, but she knew time was of the essence and she wanted as muchfreedom as she could possibly get.

The Overlord sighed and stroked her softblonde hair. He inhaled and groaned sexually. “Oh, Ava.”

Ava waited, and absentmindedly rubbed at thebare skin of her collarbone. The Overlord’s eyes immediately wentto where she was stroking.

“Fine. Tomorrow we will try to have youwalking on your own. I want you to be happy, my pet. I promised totreat you like a princess if you hold up your end of the bargainand you have been pleasing me magnificently.”

Ava smiled with happiness.

At that moment, a butler arrived with twotrays of food. Relieved, Ava sat down knowing that the meal wouldmake the rest of the afternoon bearable. She took a few bites ofthe delicate white fish and waited until she felt the calming andarousing effect of the food. Sure enough, she felt it minuteslater.

“You can call me Flerian while we are eating,Ava, but I want to be Master in bed with you today.”

Ava nodded thoughtfully. She thought thismight be a good moment to work her way around to the ball.

“Thank you, Flerian for my sewing machine. Imade a very lovely skirt this morning.”

The Overlord beamed, his yellow teeth on fulldisplay.

“You know, just before coming to Italy I hadbeen working on a magnificent ball gown.”


“Yes. It was lovely. Off-white with delicatebeading and very low-cut. It was a so beautiful. I’m sad that Iwasn’t able to complete it or wear it.”

The Overlord chewed his fish. “I’m sure Joliecan find you some material. You could make a similar one. I wantyou to be happy.”

Ava sighed and nodded. “I suppose I could. Idon’t think it really matters though since I have nowhere to whereit.”

“But you could wear it here. With me. Ipromise that I would undress you very slowly before I defiledyou.”

Ava was nearly finished her meal, and herheart pounded with her desire. The Overlord’s talk of fucking madeher shift in her seat, anxious to pleasure him.

“Yes, but it wouldn’t be the same,” sheargued. “I was planning on wearing it to a type of ball athome.”

“A ball?”

“Yes, one of those charity things. It wasgoing to be a very elegant evening.”

The Overlord took a long sip from his winegoblet. “A ball, you say?”

Ava nodded, trying to look dejected as shenibbled on her carrots. “It’s okay though, I could still wear itfor you, Flerian.”

“My sweet human! Please don’t look so upset.It troubles me so!”

Ava smiled weakly and wiped at her mouth withher napkin.

The Overlord grimaced. “I have an idea,though I’m not very fond of it.” Ava waited, afraid to get herhopes up. “We could have a ball here. A type of Monster Ball. Wouldthat please you, sweet Ava?”

Ava looked up at him through her thickeyelashes. “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

Ava jumped up from her seat and ran aroundthe table, throwing herself at The Overlord. At first he stiffened,and then he caressed her softly. “I want you happy, my pet. We willhave a ball and you can make your beautiful dress.”

“Oh, thank you!”