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The British Fantasy Society(http://www.herebedragons.co.uk/ bfs) began in 1971 and publishes the bi-monthly Prism UK: The British Fantasy Newsletter, produces other special booklets, and organizes the annual British FantasyCon and semi-regular meetings in London. Yearly membership is £20.00 (UK), £25.00 (Europe) and £30.00 (America and the rest of the world) made payable in sterling to “The British Fantasy Society” and sent to The BFS Secretary, c/o 2 Harwood Street, Stockport, SK4 1JJ, UK. E-maiclass="underline" syrinx.2112@btinternet.com

The Ghost Story Society (http://www.ash-tree.bc.ca/gss.html) publishes the excellent All Hallows magazine three times a year. The annual subscription is $25.00 (USA), Cdn$32.00 (Canada) or £l6.00/$27.50 (rest of the world airmail). Write to joint organizers Barbara and Christopher Roden at “The Ghost Story Society”, PO Box 1360, Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada VOK 1AO. E-maiclass="underline" ashtree@ash-tree.bc.ca

Horror Writers Association (http://www.horror.org/) was formed in the 1980s and is open to anyone seeking Active, Affiliate or Associate membership. The HWA publishes a regular Newsletter and organizes the annual Bram Stoker Awards ceremony. Standard membership is $55.00 (USA), £38.00/$65.00 (overseas); Corporate membership is $100.00 (USA), £74.00/ $120.00 (overseas), and Family Membership is $75.00 (USA), £52.00/$85.00 (overseas). Send to “HWA”, 8490 Zephyr Street, Arvada, CO 80 005, USA.

World Fantasy Convention (http://www.farrsite.com/wfc/) is an annual convention held in a different (usually American) city each year.


Cinefantastique is a monthly SF/fantasy/horror movie magazine with a “Sense of Wonder”. Cover price is $5.95/Cdn$9.50/ £4.20 and a 12-issue subscription is $48.00 (USA) or $55.00 (Canada and overseas) to PO Box 270, Oak Park, IL 60 303, USA.

Interzone is Britain’s leading magazine of science fiction and fantasy. Single copies are available for £3.00 (UK) or £3.50/$6.00 (overseas) or a 12-issue subscription is £32.00 (UK), £38.00/ $60.00 (USA) or £38.00 (overseas) to “Interzone”, 217 Preston Drove, Brighton, BN1 6FL, UK.

Locus (http://www.Locusmag.com) is the monthly newspaper of the SF/fantasy/horror field. $4.95 a copy, a 12-issue subscription is $43.00 (USA), $48.00 (Canada), $70.00 (Europe), $80.00 (Australia, Asia and Africa) to “Locus Publications”, PO Box 13 305, Oakland, CA 94 661, USA or “Locus Subscription”, Fantast (Medway) Ltd, PO Box 23, Upwell Wisbech, Cambs PE14 9BU, UK.

Necrofile (http://www.necropress.com) is a quarterly review of horror fiction. $3.00 a copy, a 4-issue subscription is $12.00 (USA), $15.00 (Canada) or $17.50 (overseas) in US funds only to “Necronomicon Press”, P. O. Box 1304, West Warwick, RI 02 893, USA.

Science Fiction Chronicle (http://www.sfsite.com/sfc) is a bimonthly news and reviews magazine that covers the SF/fantasy/ horror field. $3.50/Cdn$4.95 a copy, a one-year subscription is $25.00 (first class USA), $26.75/Cdn$50.30 (Canada), £19.00 (UK) and $A47.00 (Australia). Make cheques payable to “Science Fiction Chronicle” and send to Science Fiction Chronicle, PO Box 022 730, Brooklyn, NY 11 202-0056, USA or payable to “Algol Press” and send to Rob Hansen, 144 Plashet Grove, East Ham, London E6 1AB, UK.

SFX (http://www.sfx.co.uk) is a monthly multi-media magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Single copies are £3.25 or a 12-issue subscription is £28.00 (UK), £44.00 (Europe), £62.00 (USA) or £64.00 (rest of the world) to “Future Publishing”, SFX Subscriptions, FREEPOST (BS900), Somerton, Somerset TAl1 6BR, UK, or overseas subscribers to “Future Publishing”, SFX Subscriptions, Cary Court, Somerton, Somerset TAl1 6TB, UK.

Shivers (http://www.visimag.com) is the monthly magazine of horror entertainment. Single copies are £3.25 (UK)/$5.99 (USA)/Cdn$7.95 (Canada), and a yearly subscription is £36.00 (UK), $68.00 (USA), £46.00 (Europe airmail and rest of the world surface) or £50.00 (rest of the world airmail) to “Visual Imagination Limited”, Shivers Subscription, PO Box 371, London SW14 8JL, UK, or PO Box 156, Manorville, NY 11 949, USA.

Starburst (http://www.visimag.com) is a monthly magazine of sci-fi entertainment. Cover price is £2.99 (UK)/$4.99 (USA)/ Cdn$6.95 (Canada). Yearly subscriptions comprise 12 regular issues (“budget”) or 12 regular issues and four quarterly Specials (“full”) at £46.00 full/£32.00 budget (UK), $82.00 full/$53.00 budget (USA), £56.00 full/£39.00 budget (Europe airmail and rest of the world surface) or £71.00 full/£49.00 budget (rest of the world airmail) to “Visual Imagination Limited”, Starburst Subscription, PO Box 371, London SW14 8JL, UK, or PO Box 156, Manorville, NY 11 949, USA.

The Third Alternative (http://www.purl.oclc.org/net/ ttaonline/index.html) is a quarterly magazine of “extraordinary” new fiction, interviews and articles. Cover price is £3.00, and a four-issue subscription is £11.00 (UK), £13.00 (Europe) or $22.00/£15.00 (America and rest of the world) to “TTA Press”, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK.

Video Watchdog (http://www.cinemaweb.com/videowd) is a bi-monthly magazine described as “the Perfectionist’s Guide to Fantastic Video”. $6.50 a copy, an annual 6-issue subscription is $24.00 bulk/$35.00 first class (USA), $33.00 surface/$45.00 airmail (overseas). US funds only to “Video Watchdog”, PO Box 5283, Cincinnati, OH 45205-0283, USA.

Book Dealers

Cold Tonnage Booksoffers excellent mail order new and used SF/fantasy/horror, art, reference, limited editions etc. with regular catalogues. Write to Andy Richards, 22 Kings Lane, Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6JQ, UK. Credit cards accepted. Teclass="underline" +44 (0) 1276-475388. E-maiclass="underline" andy@coldtonnage.demon.co.uk

Ken Cowley offers mostly used SF/fantasy/horror/crime/ supernatural, collectibles, pulps etc. by mail order with occasional catalogues. Write to Trinity Cottage, 153 Old Church Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 7TU, UK. Teclass="underline" +44 (0) 1275-872247.

Richard Dalby issues semi-regular mail order lists of used ghost and supernatural volumes at very reasonable prices. Write to 4 Westbourne Park, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO 12 4AT, UK. Teclass="underline" +44 (0) 1723 377049.

Dark Delicacies is a friendly Burbank, California, store specialising in horror books, vampire merchandise and signings. It moved to a new location at the end of 1999. Credit cards accepted. E-maiclass="underline" darkdel@darkdel.com

DreamHaven Books & Comics (http://www.visi.com/ dreamhvn/) store and mail order offers new and used SF/fantasy/horror/art and illustrated etc. with regular catalogues. Write to 912 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA. Credit cards accepted. Teclass="underline" (612) 823-6070. E-maiclass="underline" dreamhvn @visi.com

Fantastic Literature (http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~sgosden) mail order offers new and used SF/fantasy/horror etc. with regular catalogues. Write to Simon G. Gosden, 35 The Ramparts, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8PY, UK. Credit cards accepted. Teclass="underline" +44 (0)1268-747564. E-maiclass="underline" sgosden@netcomuk.co.uk

Fantasy Centre shop and mail order has mostly used SF/ fantasy/horror, art, reference, pulps etc. at reasonable prices with regular catalogues. Write to 157 Hollo way Road, London N7 8LX, UK. Credit cards accepted. Tel/Fax: +44 (0)171-607 9433.



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