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"It's all in your own mind, sergeant."

De Gier tore the pack open, took out a cigarette, accepted a light from Grijpstra, and sucked in the smoke.

"There," the adjutant said, "you'll feel better."


"Everything is all right. Asta will be waiting for you when you come. She is a beautiful girl and she loves you."


"Security will be restored."


The commissaris touched de Crier's hand. "Security is in the mind too, Rinus."

The adjutant got up to reach over to the next table for some sugar. A passing constable didn't notice him and took his chair. When the adjutant tried to sit down again, he fell to the floor.

"I see." De Gier helped Grijpstra to his feet.

"I hope you haven't hurt yourself," the commissaris said and pulled up another chair.