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Buckler turned in a swirl of sand, shouting his reply, "Indeed I do, Sire. You said travelling was an adventure--an' it was, too. A real adventure!"

Bounding up onto a rock, Buckler twirled his blade on high. With all the joy and vigour of his growing seasons, he roared the Long Patrol battle cry.




Herein is the contents of a letter sent by Abbess Marjoram to Lord Brang.

To Lord Brang Forgefire, Ruler of Salamandastron and Lord of the Western Shores

From Marjoram, Mother Abbess of Redwall Abbey

Dearest friend,

I send you heartfelt greetings and best wishes for your continued good health. My thanks for the gift of the beautifully crafted bellropes. I am sure they will help to toll our Abbey bells for untold seasons to come. I hope you are pleased with the enchanting young badger Ambrevina. Her presence will grace your mountain, and I am certain that one day she will become a worthy successor to you.

It is a delight for us to have two young hares with us. Only last afternoon, I took tea in the orchard with their mother, Clarinna. What a remarkable creature she is, having started a gardening and nature study class for our Dibbuns. Calla and Urfa are dear little babes. They will grow into fine leverets.

What brave and courageous hares you have at Salaman



dastron! Buckler and Diggs are a credit to your Long Patrol. I was sorry as were a lot of others, to see them leave us. Our population at the Abbey has swelled somewhat, since now we have Axtel Sturnclaw, Mumzy Water Vole and the entire Witherspyk Company staying with us permanently. Come one, come all, as long as they are good and honest beasts, that's what I've always said. We are blessed by the seasons, happy to live amidst peace and plenty and strengthened by growing numbers of friends. What more could one ask?

Log a Log Jango sends you his good wishes. I think you and he have met before.

My chief desire would be to gaze from Redwall's west battlements one morn and see you marching at the head of your gallant Long Patrol, roaring out a stout marching song as you come to visit us. Do you think this would be possible? Next summer would be nice. We would love to have you all here with us. Friar Soogum has promised a feast that will go down in the Annals of Redwall. I myself will toll the bells specially for you.

Brang, old friend, I know you will honour us with your presence. You and any other one who is honest and true will find joy, happiness and peace at my Abbey. Redwall will always be here with a welcome for all.

Marjoram, Mother Abbess of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country