Throw His Heart Over

Throw His Heart Over
Исторические любовные романы
Автор: Nothwell Sebastian
Серия: Aubrey and Lindsey #2
Язык: русский
Год: 2021
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Формат:  EPUB (258 Kb)
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An equestrian-themed sequel to Mr Warren's Profession by Sebastian Nothwell.


Sir Lindsey Althorp, spectacularly wealthy baronet, has sat in the saddle since the day he was breeched.

Aubrey Warren, threadbare telegraph boy turned engineer, has never ridden a horse in his life and had no intention of starting—until now.

When a portrait-painting holiday in the country provides an opportunity for riding, Lindsey is eager to teach Aubrey the ropes. Aubrey works to overcome his well-founded caution regarding large beasts of burden. Harder to dispel are his insecurities about his scarred body in the wake of the Rook Mill boiler explosion—particularly as these scars are put on display to model for the painting Icarus Fallen.

As the painting progresses, so do the riding lessons, until a potentially deadly accident may put a stop to both for good.

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