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Paul Gable

Tied up teenager


"I don't think… I'd better," Emily Mellin stammered, drawing back from the tall, husky marine. "My dad'll kill me if he knew."

"If he knew you were dating an enlisted man, right?" the tall young marine said, his face darkening.

"Tad, I didn't say that." Emily shook the blonde hair from her eyes and stretched out one hand, running her fingers through his blonde short cropped hair. Tad wrinkled his forehead in anger, knocking her hand away.

"You didn't have to. Your father's an officer, head of the Motor Division here at Camp Pendleton. I know what officers think, of enlisted guys."

"That's not true… not of my father," the teenage girl protested. "He's a good man, a good officer, treating everyone fairly."

But Tad refused to listen. His voice remained angry for several more minutes before he fell into silence. Emily drew back a minute, staring at the tall handsome Texan. She'd noticed him earlier in the year, covered with grease like all the other men in her father's division. But Tad seemed different from the others… not as rough or crude as she rest of the gang that leered at her. He always lowered his eyes when Emily came to pick up her dad or visit him during the day, a practice her father warned her against.

Now it was Christmas, and, at the motor pool party, Emily had coaxed the bashful Texan out of the building to an old barracks some hundred feet behind the motor pool area. She didn't know why she'd done this. Her mother and father were only a short distance away, chatting with other officers and their wives while the enlisted men drank and watched their superiors warily. Did the teen expect Tad Barrington just to sit there and talk? Did she want him to try something else? Was the thought of being fucked for the first time under the nose of her father exciting? Emily didn't really know.

At this point, however, she was uncertain what to do. Tad had hooked one arm around her as they sat on an old cot, their knees hardly touching. Yet she shivered at that light contact, feeling an electric charge of sexuality crawl up her thighs and make her pussy hot and wet. Strange tingling sensations broke out between her toes while her breathing became more labored.

"What my father thinks or doesn't think doesn't matter," Emily said defensively. Tad glanced at her sideways, a smile on his lips.

"Then prove it," he whispered, sliding his arm a little farther around her waist.

The blonde teen felt a pull toward Tad. There was a kind of cockiness, a roughness, a sense of male superiority that excited her the way nothing else in the world had. And now he was doing strange things to her, things that made her clit shiver and pop out. It throbbed so hard, so achingly hard. The young girl rubbed her legs together slowly, keeping her knees pressed tightly together while trying to fight down the waves of excitement lapping at her fluttering pussy.

No, no, it's wrong! she told herself, drawing away from the young marine.

"Man, I don't know what the hell you want," he said gruffly, jerking away and standing up. He walked in front of her, running his fingers through his hair while breathing heavily. Emily leaned back when she noticed a large bulge behind the fly of his khaki's. Her fingers were shaking, turning icy. Could she actually go through with… doing something with him? The thought danced mischievously in her head and almost made her giggle.

"I… don't know either. I just… I just want to talk, I guess," Emily said, dropping her eyes when she saw the surprised look on Tad's face.

"To talk!" he repeated, laughing angrily and shaking his head from side to side. The young man sat back down next to Emily. "Baby, when we came in here, talkin' was the last thing on my mind. I thought we had something else better to do, know what I mean?" he whispered softly in her ear, flicking out his tongue and teasing her earlobe.

Emily shivered, closing her eyes and sucking in a deep breath – while rubbing her thighs together more rapidly. She felt her pussy-lips getting warm, swelling up, their rubbery edges working against one another and drawing out more cuntal juice. Did he know what was going on, how hot she was getting? Oh, God, he was kissing her on the neck now, moving those lips and tongue over her flesh while sliding his hands up and down her sides. He was growing more insistent. Her dress, she just realized, had been hiked well above her knees and she'd kicked off her shoes.

"Ohhhhh, please."

Emily was feeling hot and chilly flashes tickle through her cunt. They were alone. No one would rush in and save her or stop, him. This was her show, to do with as she pleased. How hard her heart pounded with fear and excitement.

"Don't… hurt me," she whispered, pushing him away a third time.

"What's the matter, Em? I can't hurt you. Your the CO's daughter."

"I felt so scared for a second… I dunno," Emily said, looking into Tad's blue eyes. She felt her heart beat faster. What was he doing to her? She was panting like an animal now when he nuzzled his mouth into her neck. The girl felt his hot breath blow through her hair, felt his hands moving dangerously close to her tits. Emily tried pulling back once more. But this time Tad held on, growing more and more bold.

The young girl found her body alive to his touch. Emily shuddered as she felt him moving closer toward her, pushing his legs against hers. He wanted to roll on top of her, mount her, and fuck her senseless.

Bending forward, Tad tightened his grip around her waist, telling her how pretty and sexy she was, then catching her pouting lips with his. It was a move Emily both wanted and tried to escape. He pressed forward until they were locked together, until he felt sure the girl's resistance was seriously weakened. Emily felt herself falling back until she was flat on that narrow cot. Something hot and hard was brushing against her legs. Only a little later did she realize it was the marine's long, hot hard dick throbbing against the thin khaki material of his dress trousers.


Emily struggled at first against the hot slippery thing trying to get into her mouth. It was wrong to be doing this. How could she cheapen herself this way… and right under her father's eyes?

"Baby, oh, yeah, yeah! You want this fuck like I do."

Emily tried to fight him off for a moment. She tried to curl her fingers together in two fists and pound them against Tad's chest. But the young teenager was fighting her own lusts as well as those of the marine. Yes, she wanted that fucking as badly as he did. It would be her first… something her mother had told her must be saved for her husband. But the sensations running through her body were far too powerful for her to fight. They'd been building up for years, torturing the hot, eager blonde all that time. Now they exploded with a vengeance. With a whimpering sigh, Emily relaxed, floating with the wonderful hot feeling that made her breathe so shallow and rapidly.

"I… I… oh, God, please… stop. I can't… stop!" Emily groaned, rolling her head away from his wet kiss.

Ted caught her head with both hands and cemented his lips back onto hers. As his thick tongue lashed down her throat, Emily felt her pussy-lips being unstuck and pulled apart. Ohhhh, he'd managed to work his bands under her dress, under bet ass, sliding his fingers over the naked flesh at the edge of her panties. Every time he squeezed the narrow valley running between her thighs, her cunt-lips pulled apart. Before she could say anything, the girl felt two fingers wiggle under the leg band of her briefs. As they rubbed over the flesh between her asshole and cunt, Emily started to moan low and deep. Hot juice seeped from her snatch until the crotch panel of her panties was wet. Ohhh, yes, fucking, fucking, how could she have denied it before?

"Ohhhh, yessss!" Emily hissed between her tightly clenched teeth. How she wanted him now. How good he felt nestled between her thighs. It was perhaps a terrible, awful thing to be doing now. At least, some people would think so. It was Christmas, her father's base, and she was fucking with an enlisted man. But she couldn't help the strange new forces stirring in her body. No one had guided her, given her instructions, told her how to handle the riot of emotions now taking her over.



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