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Danica Williams

Two Cowboys and One Girl

Luke and Maddox Cooper watched her ride the bull and both agreed she was the only choice. The hottest woman in their bar on a Saturday night with the place packed wall to wall. Shoulder length curly red hair, blue eyes, and peaches and cream skin with a scattering of freckles. Her body…well, fuck, that was just too much. She was tall for a woman, probably five-nine, with full breasts and a curvy ass. The rest of her was long and lean. Legs that went to her neck in well worn jeans set low on her hips and a stomach you could bounce quarters off of. Her ripped abs were on display in the midriff-baring t-shirt and a denim bolero jacket. Justin boots that were obviously worn often, not just a fashion statement. She wore a soft straw cowboy hat that shaded her face when she didn’t want to meet a man’s eyes.

She’d been drinking but wasn’t drunk. Dancing all night, tearing up every song that blasted from the system…a different partner for each, she wasn’t even winded. She only danced with men taller than her, the height of her boots bringing her close to six-foot. Line dancing like a pro, with a group of females the brothers knew, showed she spent a lot of time in bars, but the brothers could guarantee she hadn’t been spending time in this one. They would have remembered her. Oh hell yes.

Now she was on the bull. Luke and Maddox walked over to stand behind the bull operator who had a shocked look on his face. The controls on the panel had handwritten signs over them that read, “Chick Setting”, “First Timer”, “Know Your Way Around a Horse”, “You From Around Here?”, and “Where’s Your Next Rodeo?” The smoking red head was clicked up to level three and still going strong. Most women liked level one, slow and provocative, to entice their boyfriends since it looked like fucking. They’d never seen a woman go past the second level. Riley looked back at them when she’d gone thirty seconds on level three, Luke nodded. Riley edged her up to level four and the woman rocked the fuck out of that bull. Riley said in the intercom, “Honey, how you doing? Want me to crank you down?”

She responded in a lilting Irish accent, “Don’ ye dare, love.” The brothers’ dicks were rock hard. “I can go more, darlin’. No need to worry.” She winked at him.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Riley asked her.

“Kaitlyn O’Reilly.” After thirty seconds, Riley kicked her up to level five and she rode it the full eight seconds. There wasn’t a man in the place whose jaw wasn’t on the floor. They brought her down slow, ten seconds on each level until level one.

Maddox said, “Leave her there for thirty, Riley.” They watched as she rode the ‘fuck me’ level and then the bull came to a full stop. She brought one leg over and slid to the mat gracefully. The entire bar went insane. “Boot that footage up on the main screen. Loop the ten minute reel for the next hour and email a copy to my personal address.”

“Got it, boss,” Riley said. The brothers moved away. The line to ride had tripled. At ten bucks a ride, they were about to make more money on something only used as a gimmick than they’d ever made.

The red head came through the exit and grinned at Riley, “I take it none o’ yer pretty girls here do that?”

“Honey, most of our men don’t do that,” Riley told her bluntly.

“Ye’ve got no men can do it?” She was shocked. And disappointed.

“Only men can do it night after night are the brothers who own the place. Luke and Maddox Cooper, big rodeo men, this bar came from all their winnings. Neither of them even do the buildup, just jump on and ride level five for twenty seconds. They like to show how ‘easy’ it is. Gets people on the bull.” Riley was smiling broadly, “Honey, I’ve seen men ride that bull then puke up their guts. You look like you just rode a carousel. Just so you know, you’re gonna be up on the main screen for a while. And, the bosses said to tell you your drinks are free, you and your group.”

“Why, thank ye, love,” she took her free t-shirt and asked, “Where are they…these bull ridin’ brothers?”

Riley smiled and pointed the brothers out at the main bar. Oh, the choice was going to be hard with those two. She’d seen them standing behind the operator while she rode the bull, though she’d been moving so fast she hadn’t gotten a good look. They deserved a good, long look.

Twins, though one’s hair was slightly lighter than the other’s. Brown hair and tanned skin. They had to be at least six-four, muscular but lean, broad shoulders and narrow hips. Wearing dress shirts and skin tight jeans showing what they had to offer to perfection. From what she could tell, they had a lot to offer. One was turned slightly to the side and she was happy to note a nice ass. Both of them were watching her so she smiled. Their smiles in return were predatory and the tingle between her legs told her she liked that. A lot.

Stopping at the table where her friends had taken up camp, a couple high-fived her on the way to the dance floor. She accepted their congratulations with a laugh. “Katie, my gawd! You tore that mechanical bull up. The Cooper brothers stopped by to say our drinks were on the house. Woo hoo! When they found out I was getting married tomorrow, they sent over all kinds of appetizers.” Katie smiled at Bibi, her college roommate, best friend, and bride to be. She was an adorable brunette with big boobs and a perpetually happy smile. They were here with friends from their sorority days, a couple of them from around here, seeing Bibi’s single days out with a bang. “They asked about you…the brothers. Wanted to know where you lived, and when they found out you were just up the road in Longview, they were even more interested. I told them you were available. You may not have wanted me to do that, Katie.”

“Why ever not, Bibi?”

“Well…because they have a…a reputation. They, er, share their women. You know, take them together…like, at the same time?” Bibi’s face was flaming and Katie laughed. “What, Katie? I cannot imagine!”

“I can well imagine…,” Katie answered with a naughty grin and her friend gasped in shock.

“Katie…you are going to bite off more than you can chew. They’re hot, but stay single, not able to find a woman who will take them both on long-term. They’ve dated alone, but always go back to the sharing. I’ve known women who dated one or the other, very well-hung, I’ve heard. I don’t know any of the women they’ve been with together.”

“Well, I should hope not. That wouldn’ be very gentlemanly behavior, now would it?” Katie drained her beer and added, “I may not see ye anymore tonight, Bibi love. The limo is outside whenever ye’re ready. I’ll be at the country club around noon to help ye get ready. Have fun!”

“Don’t be late, Kaitlyn! I need my maid of honor,” Bibi called after Katie as she wound her way through the crowd.

She ended up dancing her way across, pulled into the arms of one horny man after another. When the two-step brought her near where the Cooper brothers were leaning against the bar, watching her she was flattered to notice, she excused herself to go introduce herself. The current partner pinched her ass before letting her go, and she gripped his thumb, bending it back as he grimaced in pain, “Not nice and ye didn’t have me permission, darlin’.” She released him and he said, “Marry me, pretty girl.” She was laughing when she stepped off the floor.

She walked right up to them, leaning her back on the bar with a brother on each side, and said, “I’m Kaitlyn, Katie to my friends. Ye must be Luke and Maddox…which is which?” They turned to watch her in fascination.

On her left, “I’m Luke…I have the lighter hair. This is Maddox. It’s a real pleasure to meet the only woman ever to get past level two on the bull. Where in hell did you learn to ride like that?”

Katie laughed, “I have five older brothers. We used to fuck around on the bulls at our place in Ireland. I always held me own.” She stroked her thighs, “Strong legs. I can ride just about anythin’.” She let the image hang there and watched them smile hungrily.