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Ryan Mecum

Werewolf HAIKU

Copyright © 2010 by Ryan Mecum.

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Dear haiku journaclass="underline"

This could be my last entry

if I have rabies.

A stray dog bit me

while I delivered the mail.

Should have used the mace.

“He was a mailman

and a struggling poet

who died by dog bite.”

The dog seemed homeless.

It looked like a rabid wolf,

hungry for mailmen.

I kicked and he ran -

but not before he bit off

a big chunk of calf.

I finished the route,

hobbling to each mailbox,

and thinking of Rose.

Rose is my lady,

but she might not know it yet

since we’ve yet to speak.

I’m introverted

and I would guess she is, too,

judging by her mail.

We differ in ways.

She subscribes to Cat Fancy.

I get Dog Fancy.

I limp through her yard

and as I fill her mailbox,

she opens her door.

With her lovely smile,

Rose greets me with a hello.

I nod back and leave.

I’ve always been shy,

which is why I don’t respond

and why I’m alone.

I like to pretend

I will ask Rose out someday,

since I won’t for real.


1. Blondie – One Way or Another

2. The Police – Can’t Stand Losing You

3. Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me

4. U2 – I Will Follow

5. Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me

6. David Seville – Witch Doctor

7. Screaming Jay Hawkings – I Put a Spell on You

8. The Stranglers – In the Shadows

9. Darren Hayes – Creepin’ Up on You

10. Diana Ross – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

11. Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf

12. Sarah McLachlan – Possession

13. Fleet wood Mac – Say You Love Me

14. Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

15. The Police – Every Breath You Take

16. Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

17. Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

18. Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

19. Billy Ocean – Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

20. Bryan Adams – (Ever ything I Do) I Do It For You

21. Elvis Costello – I Want You

When I get back home,

I play my love mix CD,

write haiku and cry.

What a rotten day!

I dodge the girl of my dreams

and I’m still bleeding.

Lupé my Shih Tzu

sniffs at my gouged-out calf wound

and whimpers away.

The cut oozes pus

and my whole sock is dark red

from blood draining down.

All around the wound

are many long strands of hair…

which are not from me.

Rubbing alcohol

burns as I clean out the cut,

visibly throbbing.

I’ll wrap my dog bite,

fall asleep on the front couch,

and dream about Rose.

That’s it for now, friend.

I’ll write in you tomorrow,

dear haiku journal.

Dear haiku journal,

I think I killed some people.

That was no dog bite.

What happened last night?

My selective memory

is a bit hazy.

It wasn’t a dream,

due to my lack of clothing,

and I’m really full.

I woke up naked,

sprawled in a stranger’s front yard.

Rough start to a day.

You hate alarm clocks?

Try automatic sprinklers

with you in grass, nude.

“Looks like you woke up

on the wrong side of the bed”

should now be retired.

From now on, I’ll say,

“Looks like somebody woke up

outside, nude and wet.”

My mind starts to fill

with memories of chaos

and eating neighbors.

The woman next door

with that huge mole on her neck -

I think I ate it.

It’s an odd feeling

when realization hits -

that now I murder.

Sprinting to my house,

while covering my privates,

through suburbia.

Kids at their bus stop

are not sure how to react

as I run past them.

“Bus driver, guess what?

We just saw some naked dude,

covered all in blood!”

I’m not wearing pants,

which means no front pants pockets,

which means no house keys.

Banging on my door,

knowing only I live there,

hoping I answer.

The “Three Pigs” story -

a wolf screaming, “Let me in!”

seems applicable.

I check the back door,

which I recall kicking down

when I left last night.

I run in my house

and go straight to a mirror

to see who I am.

I stare back at me,

but I remember the face

that stared back last night.

I transformed last night

from my normal timid self

to the beast within.

It was a werewolf.

A monster – somehow, still me.

I am a werewolf.

Painful cramps woke me

and I rolled down off the couch

when I turned last night.

I knew things were bad

when I could feel skin ripping -

and could kick down doors.

Out in the backyard,

I felt my whole body break

under the full moon.

Mailman to werewolf.

Takes the phrase “going postal”

to a new level.


“Man to wolfman” movie scenes…

painfully dead-on.

Wolf transformation

is as rough as you might guess

but also itchy.

I’ll try describe

werewolf metamorphosis

without throwing up.

Changing first tickles,

followed by increased pressure,

and then you puke blood.

Your muscles and bones

both rapidly stretch and grow,

but your skin doesn’t.

Your skin everywhere -

and yes, I mean everywhere -

is stretched ’til it bursts

Underneath your flesh,

new growing muscles peek out

and start to sprout hair.

It’s around this time,

you realize that your clothes

won’t get worn again.

Both your eardrums pop,

then quickly grow back stronger

as your ears sprout up.

All your fingernails

are pushed off of your fingers

by claws underneath.

Your large soda gut

goes from a few two-liters

to hairy six-pack.

Your nose, mouth and chin

tear open as a wolf snout

pushes through your face.

Teeth fall to the floor

as new canine incisors

cut your old ones out.

It feels like fingers

pushing on both your eyeballs

from inside your skull.

Your eyes don’t fall out

but you kind of wish they would

once they start growing.

Your pinky fingers,

as your hands become wolf paws,

shrivel and fall off.

Toenails start to split

as claws pierce out of your toes

and rip through your shoes.

That pain in your butt

that feels like constipation

is a tail growing.

smell here

Your new fur is damp

from random moist secretions

and smells like wet dog.

There’s throbbing, tearing,

tight nauseating cramping,

and piles of dead skin.