299 Days: The Collapse

299 Days: The Collapse
Автор: Tate Glen
Серия: 299 Days #2
Язык: английский
Год: 2012
Издатель: PrepperPress
ISBN: 978-0615687469
Город: Augusta, ME
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Book Two, The Collapse, picks up where The Preparation ends. Society begins to break down in this second book of the 299 Days series. The government stops functioning, guns and ammunition are in high demand, and a trip to the gas station has become more of a mission than an errand.
Grant and the Team know this is only the beginning, so they start taking steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. After a deadly incident in Grant's neighborhood, they being preparing to get out of dodge where they will soon learn whether the steps they took in The Preparation will be enough to survive the new reality.
The chaos and fear that begins to envelop the country will strip all the characters of what they know as normal. The will question what they stand for, what they will stand against, and, most importantly, who they will stand with.
For more about this series, free chapters, and to be notified about future releases, please visit www.299days.com

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