The Rescued Kitten

The Rescued Kitten
Детская проза, Домашние животные
Серия: Animal Stories #42
Язык: английский
Год: 2018
Издатель: Stripes Publishing
ISBN: 9781847159755
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Edie and her friend Tayla are on their way home from school when they discover a tiny ginger kitten caught up in some barbed wire. She looks weak and has a cut on her leg from the wire, so they rush her home to Edie’s mum, a vet.
Edie’s mum isn’t sure that the little kitten is going to make it, as she’s too small to have been separated from her mother and needs bottle-feeding round the clock. But Edie is determined to nurse Barbie back to health and find out what has happened to the rest of the kittens in the litter and their mum. What if they’re in danger, too?

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