Space Inc (anthology)

Space Inc (anthology)
Научная фантастика
Серия: Антология
Язык: английский
Год: 2003
Издатель: DAW Books
ISBN: 0-7564-0147-X
Город: New York
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Need a Job, Go to Mars… or the nearest space station or colony world. But what kind of career opportunities will you find on the ever-expanding frontiers of space? And how many alien beings will be vying for the same positions? To discover some of the possibilities, check out Space, Inc., and such entertaining and original tales as:
“Attached Please Find My Novel”—Sometimes you found tomorrow’s best-sellers in the most unexpected places…
“The Siren Stone”—Their mission was to blow up an asteroid before it could destroy a space station and its entire population, but nothing could prepare them for what they discovered when they rendezvoused with this giant piece of rock…
“Come All Ye Faithful”—Finding a real congregation on Mars wasn’t going to be easy—in fact he had to admit it would be a miracle if it ever happened…

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