The Story of the Holy Land

The Story of the Holy Land
Серия: BBC History
Год: 2015
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Central to three major faiths, the land that is now Israel and the Palestinian territories has a global significance that far exceeds its small size. It is, of course, bitterly contested today, with the Israeli-Palestinian dispute seemingly one of the world’s most intractable problems. That dispute owes a great deal to history and a series of conquests that includes the Babylonians, Romans, crusaders, Ottomans and the British, whose three decades of occupation in the 20th century have left a complex legacy.
In this collector’s edition from BBC History Magazine, we have brought together a number of historical experts to chart the long history of the Holy Land. Over the pages that follow you will discover the stories of some of the most dramatic and telling events of the past 3,000 years – from the Biblical era to the recent Arab-Israeli wars.
Much of this history is fiercely contested, and while we have striven, as far as possible, to offer balanced accounts, there are sure to be omissions and views expressed that some readers may disagree with. Whether or not that’s the case, we hope that this magazine will inspire you to continue reading, discussing and investigating this important and challenging history.

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