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Автор: Ли Лора
Серия: Bound Hearts #1
Язык: английский
Год: 2003
Издатель: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. US
ISBN: 1-84360-430-2
Город: Hudson
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Cole has wanted Tess for years. And he's warned her of this several times. He's also warned her HOW he wants her. Tied down in his bed, under his domination, surrendering to his desires...

Warning: The following material contains strong sexual content meant for mature readers.
SURRENDER has been rated NC-17, erotic, by three individual reviewers. We strongly suggest storing this electronic file in a place where young readers not meant to view this ebook are unlikely to happen upon it. That said, enjoy…

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1 Апр 21

Серия из 10 книжечек - потрахушечек . После таких начинаешь внимательнее приглядываться к окружающим :-)

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