Teaching Kids to Spell For Dummies®

Teaching Kids to Spell For Dummies®
Автор: Wood Tracey
Серия: For Dummies
Год: 2005
Издатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9780471750956
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Filled with enjoyable spelling activities and exercises

The fun and easy way? to help your K-5th grader become an A+ speller

If you want to make spelling easier for your child or boost spelling skills and confidence, you've come to the right place. Veteran reading specialist Tracey Wood gives you tips, games, exercises, word lists, and memory aids to help your child build solid spelling know-how. Her techniques are fun, fast, and effective, and best of all, they're not boring!

Discover how to
• Mix spelling practice with reading and writing
• Spell short and long vowel words
• Make spelling easier with word families
• Gain insight into "sight" words
• Break spelling into syllable chunks

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