The 9th Directive

The 9th Directive
Шпионские детективы
Автор: Холл Адам
Серия: Quiller #2
Язык: английский
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'Pure entertainment espionage at its best'
The Times

It's been two years since Quiller was in Bangkok. Now he's back at the request of Loman, a top control in the Bureau. Quiller loathes the man but has to listen to what he says:
'In three weeks' time a representative of the Queen is to visit Bangkok on a goodwill tour. Since he is neither a statesman nor a diplomat there will be no political functions. There will be a day's yachting, a polo match, visits to hospitals and welfare organisations. One might say he will be our representative of the humanities.'
Loman pauses, and then: 'During the visit, we want you to arrange for his assassination…'

'Nobody writes better espionage than Adam Hall'
New York Times

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