The Saint in the Sun

The Saint in the Sun
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Серия: Saint #36
Язык: английский
Год: 1963
Издатель: Doubleday for Crime Club
ISBN: 9789997508348
Город: New York
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Simon Templar, alias the Saint, has been called by some the law's best friend — by others, its worst enemy. As he himself puts it, "I'm a catalyst. Half the time I don't have to do anything except stand around. Somebody hears I'm the Saint, and I shoot a few arrows in the air, and the fireworks start."
A man's man, a woman's dream, the Saint moves with equal ease through the highest and lowest strata of international society. In these seven fast-paced adventures the Saint heads for sunny climes, hitting the fabulous — and corrupt — pleasure resorts of two continents, among them Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nassau, and Florida.

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