Winter in Eden

Winter in Eden
Альтернативная история
Автор: Harrison Harry
Серия: Eden
Язык: английский
Год: 1986
Оригинальное название: Winter in Eden
Страниц: 86
Издатель: Grafton
ISBN: 0-246-12612-4
Город: London
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Проверил: Admin 5 Июн 11
Формат:  FB2 (258 Kb)  EPUB (413 Kb)  MOBI (1412 Kb)

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A new ice age threatens Earth. Facing extinction, the dinosaurs must employ their mastery of biology to swiftly reconquer human territory. Desperately, Kerrick launches an arduous quest to rally a final defense for humankind. With his beloved wife and young son, he heads north to the land of the whale hunters, east into the enemy’s stronghold, and south to a fateful reckoning with destiny.

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