Practical LSD Manufacture

Practical LSD Manufacture
Автор: Preisler Steve
Год: 1995
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Practical LSD Manufacture is one of Fester's more famous books. It deals with how one could manufacture a large quantity of LSD. This book is filled up with most of the hard-to-understand information on LSD syntheses that is currently available. The book has production information for the drug TMA-2, and plenty of information about how to isolate lysergic acid from morning glory seeds, and other plant material. This work is not without its criticisms: the use of more outdated syntheses from the 1950s and 1960s, lacking the synthesis using POCl3 as a dehydrating reagent in the condensation between diethylamine and lysergic acid; the speculation about "Method X" is erroneous, as propionic anhydride is used in the synthesis of fentanyl analogues; and there is some confusion over stereoisomers by Fester. These criticisms are addressed in the third edition of the book.

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