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Серия: Паркер #19
Язык: английский
Год: 2000
Издатель: Mysterious Press
Город: 978-0-89296-710-0
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When Donald E. Westlake assumes the mantle of Richard Stark the result is some of the fiercest, most electrifying crime fiction ever written. In FLASHFIRE the author of the legendary Parker series of noir crime novels, and the man behind such classic films as Point Blank and Payback, returns. This time Parker, ignited by betrayal, is heading for the swankest town in America. In a landlocked Midwestern city Parker calmly tosses a firebomb through a plate-glass window, while some newfound partners in crime take down a nearby bank. Making their getaway in the confusion, the bank robbers tell him two things: that this heist was only seed money for a much gaudier one, and that Parker has to loan them his share of the take. They should have given him his cut, or killed him. Because now Parker is rampaging through the American South, taking on a new identity as he goes, planning his own assault on his former partners’ next target, a spectacular jewelry heist in Palm Beach. But Parker didn’t count on one unfortunate detail. A very bad and very stupid man knows his true identity, and wants him dead. On the most heavily guarded island in the world it will all come together: the hit men, the diamonds, the plan, and the blonde real estate agent who’s wandered into the middle of it all. When the explosions start and the heat comes down, the best laid plans of thieves, killers, and schemers all go out the window — and Parker is on his own.

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