Prophet Of Doom

Prophet Of Doom
Детективная фантастика
Серия: The Destroyer #111
Язык: английский
Год: 1998
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Where There's Smoke...
Everybody with a spare million  is lining up at the gates of Ranch Ragnarok, home to Esther Clear Seer's Church of the Absolute and Incontrovertible Truth. Here an evil yellow smoke shrouds an ancient oracle that offers glimpses into the future.
But when young virgins start disappearing, CURE smells something more than a scam. Here in Wyoming, East and West are about to fulfill an ancient prophecy. For Apollo himself, Zeus's own wild boy, is set to unleash a power greater than any seen in two millenia.
He's got a score to settle - and Remo is the lucky sacrificial vessel.

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