The Infinite Resource

The Infinite Resource
Автор: Ramez Naam
Год: 2013
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Can Innovation Save the Planet?

Climate Change. Energy. Water. Food. Population.

We're beset by an array of natural resource and environmental challenges. They pose a tremendous risk to human prosperity, to world peace, and to the planet itself.

Our only hope to address these problems is to innovate to grow the global resource pie. In this remarkable book, Ramez Naam charts a course to supercharge innovation – by changing the rules of our economy – that gives us our greatest hope of achieving greater global wealth and human well-being, even as we dodge looming resource crunches and reduce our impact on the planet.

From solar power to desalination, from next generation crops to next generation batteries, from technologies that could scrub carbon from our skies to those that could turn our garbage dumps into piles of valuable resources – solutions are possible: But only if we invest in innovation, and only if we put the right incentives in place around the globe. This book shows the scope of the problems, the landscape of the solutions, and policy changes we need to make to bring those solutions to fruition.

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