Any Ordinary Day

Any Ordinary Day
Городское фэнтези, Романы для взрослых
Автор: Bacchi Laura
Год: 2006
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Paul Murray is not having a good day. His car has broken down on the side of the road during rush hour and he knows a repair bill for his Yugo is on the way. As he sits, a gorgeous man comes to his rescue. Paul is attracted to the man and agrees to go to dinner with him.
Darrien Avanti is on Earth to kill dragons that have escaped his world and are preying on humans. When he meets Paul, he knows he has found his mate. It may not be the best time to find his mate but he can do no other than to claim him. Paul and Darrien quickly become lovers and the time arrives when Darrien must tell his new lover the truth about himself and his mission. Paul is stunned by the news and yet he cannot give up the man he has quickly grown to need.

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