Between Friends

Between Friends
Романы для взрослых
Автор: Lopez Lolita
Язык: английский
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For months, LA fashionista Whitney Montcrief has secretly lusted after her roommates, super sexy trauma surgeon Mick O'Loughlin and rough, tough and drop-dead gorgeous SWAT sergeant Eddie Dillon.
Eddie craves Whitney's touch. Her sweet smile tempts him like none other-and it terrifies him. He's been burned once before and has no desire to relive the pain of rejection. His heart walled off, Eddie denies himself the very thing he wants most.
But Mick is tired of tiptoeing around the obvious sexual attraction between the three of them. He wants Eddie and Whitney in his bed. He's ready to play with fire, even if that means dragging Eddie, kicking and screaming, right through the flames behind him.

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